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In Irish mythology, Naoise (Irish pronunciation: ['n̠ʲiːʃu], also spelled Noisiu) was the nephew of King Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster, and a son of Usnech (or Uisliu), in the Ulster Cycle.

When Deirdre was born, Cathbad the druid prophesied that she would be beautiful, but that kings and lords would go to war over her. Conchobar decided to have her brought up in seclusion, and that when she was old enough, he would marry her. However, she met and fell in love with Naoise, a handsome young warrior, hunter and singer, and eloped with him, accompanied by his two brothers.

They fled to Scotland, but wherever they went the local king would try to kill Naoise and his brothers so that he could have Deirdre. Eventually they reached Scotland (or Alba in the Old Irish translations), but Conchobar tracked them there and sent Fergus mac Róich to them with a message of safe conduct home. On the way back to Emain Macha, however, the group was waylaid by Conchobar, who had Naoise and his brothers murdered so he could forcibly marry Deirdre. Fergus, outraged by this betrayal of his word, went into exile in Connacht. Deirdre committed suicide by leaning out of her chariot and dashing her head against a rock. In later versions of the story, she died of grief.

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