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Narsapuram, West Godavari
Narsapuram, West Godavari
Location of Narsapuram, West Godavari
in Andhra Pradesh
Coordinates 16°27′00″N 81°40′00″E / 16.45°N 81.6667°E / 16.45; 81.6667
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District(s) West Godavari
Subdistrict Narsapur, West Godavari
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

2 m (7 ft)

Narsapur (Telugu: నరసాపురం) is a town, Mandal and a municipality in West Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Its geographical coordinates are 16° 27' 0" north, 81° 40' 0" east. Some say there are other narasapurams in Krishna and Medak districts.

Its original name was "Narasapuram". It was also known as "Nrusimhapuri" and "AbhinavaBhootapuri".



As of 2001 India census,[1] Narsapur had a population of 58,508. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Narsapur has an average literacy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 78%, and female literacy is 71%. In Narsapur, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Sunrise at Valandhar revu

The town is a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. Narsapur has a unique culture which has been influenced by the many communities that have made it their home. Narsapur is quite the cosmopolitan town with peoples of various ethnic groups and faiths living in it. Predominantly Hindu, the town also has a large Christian population. The town has been a major centre for the Lutheran missionary activity in the 18th century. It is famous for its lace industry. Many families from this town have greatly benefitted from the lace industry.

Tourist attractions

Cool climate and allweather condition previaled allows you to visit Narsapur at any time during the year. Antarvedi nearby Narsapuram (7 km) is an important vishnava temple(narasimha temple), must to visit. During February, there is a rathasaptami celebrated here in the temple which is famous surrounding the villages. Thousands of people visit the temple during this festival and make a holy dip in the Sea. Velankani Maatha temple situated 12 km from Narsapur at Perupalem Beech, is the second tallest church in the South India after Velankani Maatha temple at Nagappatinam, Tamilnadu. Perupalem Beech is worth to see and feel the glorance in bathing in sea waters. During Karthika Maasa (that is from November to December) lot of Hindu Piligrims visit this place and make vanabhojanalu and make a holy dip in sea. The congruence place of mingling mighty River Godavari in the Bangla Sea is situated 8 km from Narsapur. In the Town itself, we can watch two old and glorious churches built during the British Period. Kovela temple built by Sri Puppala Ramanappa Naidu garu is a big vishnava temple and worth to watch.

Lace industry

Narsapur is famous for the crochet lace products. The cluster is having around 50 exporters who are exporting to various countries. The cluster is having around 2 lakh women artisans doing the lace work. The cluster is located in and around Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, India, in various villages like Sitarampuram, Palakol, Venkatrayapalem, Antarvedi, Royapet, Mogaltur, etc. The cluster is specialised in doing the lace works like dollies, furnishings, garments, tablemats, etc.

Interesting facts

  • Great Revolutionist Alluri Sita Rama Raju, Madhva raj studied in Taylor High School, Narsapur.
  • Cine stars (Shri Krishnam Raju, Chiranjeevi and Dasari Narayana Rao) also studied in YNM College
  • Lace is an art of stitching lace threads to form door mats, decorative articles, bags etc. This forms the primary livelihood for poor rural folk. Many lace businessmen with business deals with Australia, UK & US have origins in Narsapur.
  • There are few rice mills, ice factories situated in this town. Aqua culture and fisheries are other industries.
  • Narsapur is the centre of education for all the surrounding villages and smaller towns. There are two engineering colleges with in a radius of 25 km. There are many Arts & Science colleges (government and private) in the town.
  • The town has trains connecting it to the major cities in the state. The Narsapur Express connecting the town to the capital Hyderabad is a part of the town's daily life. It is also connected to Vizag and Tirupati.
  • Gandham Adinarayana murthy famous cine&drama artist is also from Narsapur.
  • Publicity Designer Lanka Bhaskar and Director Dhavala Satyam were also from Narsapuram
  • The Sole Ghazal singer in Telugu & Guiness record holder Ghazal Srinivas is from this town (

Injustice to the Town

    • Narasapur town lacked proper developemtnt in the fields of business, mainly due to the greed or negligence of the politicians. Narsapur was ideal choice for construction of Vasista bridge on Gadavari river, but the bridge location shifted 7 km away from Narsapur by the influence of politicians who were enjoying power in those days and these politicians were supported by the local politicians from narsapur. As a result Palakol and Bhimavaram developed to a considerable extent. The life of petty businessmen in the Town became miserable after the floating population started travelling via Palakol. Major delay in the construction of Municipal shopping complex added more owes to the local vendors.
    • Narsapur is both Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency. But nobody in power has shown interest in developing the town. Only during the last Gadavari pushkaram some roads were built.
    • Moreover the central government is showing no interest in Kotipalli-Narsapur Railway line. Every year one can find a single line in Railway budget to study this project, but nothing materialized till now.
    • So far the town had seen many MPs and MLAs, who have neglected the Constituency.

Members of Parliament

Lok Sabha Duration Name of M.P. Party Affiliation
Second 1957-62 Uddaraju Ramam Communist Party of India
Third 1962-67 D. Balaramaraju Indian National Congress
Fourth 1967-71 D. B. Raju Indian National Congress
Fifth 1971-77 M. T. Raju Indian National Congress
Sixth 1977-80 Subhash Chandra Bose Alluri Indian National Congress
Seventh 1980-84 Subhash Chandra Bose Alluri Indian National Congress
Eighth 1984-89 Bhupathiraju Vijayakumar Raju Telugu Desam Party
Ninth 1989-91 Bhupathiraju Vijayakumar Raju Telugu Desam Party
Tenth 1991-96 Bhupathiraju Vijayakumar Raju Telugu Desam Party
Eleventh 1996-98 Kothapalli Subbarayudu Telugu Desam Party
Twelfth 1998-99 Kanumuri Bapiraju Indian National Congress
Thirteenth 1999-04 Venkata Krishnam Raju Uppalapati Bharatiya Janata Party
Fourteenth 2004-09 Chegondi Venkata Harirama Jogaiah Indian National Congress
Fifteenth 2009-Incumbent Bapiraju Kanumuru Indian National Congress

Educational institutions

  • Sri RamaKrishna Degree College
  • Vijetha Institue of Technology & Sciences(VITS)
  • Narsapur Institute of Engineering & Technology(NIET)
  • Sri Surya Junior College
  • Viveka Bala Bharathi
  • Sri Ramakrishna educational academy
  • Sri Akshara talent school
  • Mission High School
  • Sri Yerramilli Narayanamurthy College
  • Flaiz Memorial Seventhday Adventist High School
  • Taylor High School
  • BGBS Women's College
  • Gautami Junior College
  • Sunshine School
  • Sri Nukala Somasundaram Municipal High School
  • J Sikile High School
  • Vasista School
  • Peechupalem High School
  • kvjenglish medium high school
  • Mission english medium school
  • Rustumbada municipal high school
  • Vidya Public School
  • Gayatri Public School
  • Gowthami Public School
  • Ruth Junior College
  • Berrakh Vocational College

Surrounding Hamlets

  • Perupalem
  • Seetharampuram
  • Venkatrayapalem
  • Agarthipalem
  • Vemuladeevi
  • Dharbarevu
  • Laxmaneswaram
  • Enuguvanilanka
  • Navarasapuram
  • Saripalli
  • Rajullanka
  • Chinna Mamidipalli
  • Yerramsetti varipalem
  • Peetani meraka
  • Digamarru
  • Rustumbada
  • Mallavaram
  • Kopparru
  • Mutyalapalli
  • Royapeta
  • Jettipalem
  • Ramannapalem
  • Seetharampuram
  • Palanki Manikyam st
  • Kotipalli Vari St.
  • Pasaladeevi
  • Pillipeta
  • Pata Bazar
  • Mamidipalli
  • Ramannapalem
  • matyapuri
  • Madavayyapalem
  • Navarasapuram


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