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National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations
Established 1998
Members 20
Continent North America
Country United States
Organization type Trade association

The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) is an umbrella council for 20 Latino Greek Letter Organizations established in 1998. The purpose of NALFO is to promote and foster positive interfraternal relations, communication, and development of all Latino fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism and education.



Established in 1998, NALFO, the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, set out to become the uniting force for Latin-based fraternities and sororities. Latino organizations had developed in different parts of the United States in their early years, and this created difficulties for the organizations to find information on their peer groups in an effort to come together. As a result, two different umbrella organizations evolved, the ConcÌlio Nacional de Hermandades Latinas, which primarily consisted of fraternities and sororities on the east coast, and NALFO which primarily consisted of fraternities and sororities that originated on the west coast. In the winter of 2001 the two groups merged under the NALFO name and made history in developing one umbrella organization for all Latin-based fraternities and sororities.

Currently there are 20 Latino/a fraternities and sororities that fall under the NALFO.

Member organizations

Organization Name Type Founding Date University Active Collegiate Groups Initiates Alumni Associations Joined NALFO
Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority 1990-03-10 San Diego State University 8 200 October 2001
Alpha Psi Lambda[1] Fraternity 1985-02-11 Ohio State University 18 1700 1998
Chi Upsilon Sigma Sorority 1980-04-29 Rutgers University 54 October 2000
Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority 1993-01-25 Arizona State University 19 October 2000
Gamma Phi Omega Sorority 1991-04-17 Indiana University 14 2 January 1999
Gamma Zeta Alpha[1] Fraternity 1987-12-03 CSU, Chico 16 1998
Kappa Delta Chi Sorority 1987-04-06 Texas Tech University 37 2000 January 2001
Lambda Alpha Upsilon[1] Fraternity 1985-12-10 SUNY Buffalo 13 1998
Lambda Pi Chi Sorority 1988-04-16 Cornell University 22 April 2000
Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority 1992-11-06 SUNY Geneseo 14 April 2000
Lambda Sigma Upsilon Fraternity 1979-04-05 Rutgers University - New Brunswick 53 6000+ October 2003
Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority 1975-12-00 Kean College 92 11 January 2001
Lambda Theta Nu[1] Sorority 1986-03-11 CSU, Chico 37 1998
Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity 1975-12-01 Kean College 82 10 October 2003
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity 1982-02-19 Cornell University 53 13 September 1999
Omega Phi Beta[1] Sorority 1989-03-15 SUNY Albany 25 1998
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity 1931-12-26 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 68 October 2003
Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority 1990-09-29 SUNY Albany, SUNY Stony Brook and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 44 January 2001
Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority 1990-04-09 University of Iowa 96 5500+ 18 January 2001
Sigma Lambda Upsilon[1] Sorority 1987-12-01 SUNY Binghamton 35 1998

Former Member organizations

Some other organizations have at one time been affiliated with NALFO.

Organization Type Membership Start Membership End
Nu Alpha Kappa[1] Fraternity 1998 December 2008
Omega Delta Phi[1][2] Fraternity 1998, June 2001 June 2000, December 2008
Alpha Rho Lambda[1] Sorority 1998 October 2006
Sigma Lambda Sigma Sorority September 1999 October 2004
Beta Lambda Delta[3] Fraternity September 1999 October 2004
Sigma Delta Alpha[3] Fraternity April 2005 May 2006
Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity October 2003 March 2010


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  2. ^ ODPhi withdrew from NALFO on June 2000 in order to join the Latino Fraternal Council. When LFC disappeared on June 2001, ODPhi rejoined NALFO.
  3. ^ a b Associate member of NALFO.

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