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The National Executive Committee or NEC is the chief administrative body of the UK Labour Party. Its composition has changed over the years, and includes representatives of affiliated trade unions, the Parliamentary Labour Party and European Parliamentary Labour Party, Constituency Labour Parties, and socialist societies, as well as ex officio members such as the Party Leader and Deputy Leader and several of their appointees.

During the 1980s, the NEC had a major role in policy-making and was often at the heart of disputes over party policy. In the Tony Blair era, the committee's role declined and its membership was reformed, but it remains the administrative authority of the party. Its former policy development function is now largely carried out by the National Policy Forum. One of its committees has disciplinary powers including the ability to expel members of the party who have brought it into disrepute or to readmit previously expelled members.


Current members

(As of October 2008)

  • Sir Jeremy Beecham (Div. IV - Labour Councillors)
  • Keith Birch (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Ann Black (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties) Vice-Chair
  • Gordon Brown MP (Leader)
  • Michael Cashman MEP (Div. V - PLP/EPLP)
  • Debbie Coulter OBE (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Jack Dromey (Treasurer)
  • Angela Eagle MP (Government)
  • Michael Griffiths (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Harriet Harman MP (Deputy Leader)
  • Dianne Hayter (Div. II - Socialist Societies)
  • Diana Holland (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Jim Kennedy (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Peter Kenyon (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties)
  • Andy Kerr (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Paddy Lillis (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Ann Lucas (Div. IV - Labour Councillors)
  • Joe Mann (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Pat McFadden MP (Government)
  • Stephanie Peacock (Young Labour)
  • Ellie Reeves (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties)
  • Christine Shawcroft (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties)
  • Dennis Skinner MP (Div. V - PLP/EPLP)
  • Cath Speight (Div. I - Trade Unions) Chair
  • Norma Stephenson (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Gary Titley MEP (EPLP Leader)
  • Mary Turner (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Keith Vaz MP (Black Socialist Society)
  • Tom Watson MP (Government)
  • Peter Wheeler (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties)
  • Pete Willsman (Div. III - Constituency Labour Parties)
  • Harriet Yeo (Div. I - Trade Unions)
  • Vacant (Div. V - PLP/ELP)

Chair of the Labour Party

The chair of the party is elected by the NEC from among its own members, and holds office for a calendar year, chairing both NEC meetings and national party conferences.

The name of this post has become confused since 2001 when Labour Party leader Tony Blair appointed Charles Clarke to the courtesy position of "Party Chair" without the NEC or the national conference authorising such a position.[1] The office's name remains "chair of the party" in the Labour Party Constitution, but elsewhere the party presents the position as "Chair of the NEC".[2] Prior to 2001 the position was called "Chair of the Labour Party", and before that "Chairman of the Labour Party".


List of Chairs of the Party

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