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The National Fascist Community (Czech: Národní obec fašistická, NOF, sometimes translated as National Fascist League) was a Czechoslovakian Fascist movement led by Radola Gajda, and based on the Fascism of Benito Mussolini.[1]

The party was formed in 1926, and was distinguished by a strong current of opposition to Germany, which continued even after Adolf Hitler had come to power. The NOF instead looked to Italy as its model, and based itself wholly on Mussolini's National Fascist Party. In this respect it differed markedly from its chief rival Vlajka, which was firmly in the Hitler camp.[2] It set up a youth group and a trade union movement, although the latter was minor. The group also advocated a policy of Pan-Slavism, and hoped to take a joint lead with Poland of a grand Slavic alliance that would overthrow Communism in the Soviet Union. They also believed in a Corporatist economy with a large agricultural sector.[2]

Gajda was elected to Parliament in 1929, but the party failed to maintain its support, and received only 2% of the vote and seven seats in National Council in the elections of 1935.[2] The movement made an attempt to take control of the government during the German occupation although the Nazis had no time for the NOF due to their earlier criticism and their overall minor status. Ultimately the NOF were disbanded and largely absorbed in to the puppet National Solidarity Movement, Gajda having been bribed to leave politics.[3]


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