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The Nationale Front election poster from 1950

The National Front of the German Democratic Republic (German: Nationale Front der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, NF, until 1973: German: Nationale Front des Demokratischen Deutschlands) was an alliance of political parties and mass organisations in East Germany. The NF was controlled by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and was formed to stand in elections to the East German parliament, the Volkskammer ("People's Chamber").

It consisted of the following parties:

and mass organisations:


The Composition of the Volkskammer from 1981 to 1986

Political party/Organisations Number of deputies Percentage of seats
SED 127 25.4
CDU 52 10.4
LDPD 52 10.4
NDPD 52 10.4
DBPD 52 10.4
FDGB[1] 61 12.2
FDJ 37 7.4
DFD 32 6.4
KB 21 4.2
VdgB[2] 14 2.8


Chairmen of the National Front

  • Prof. Erich Correns (1950-1981)
  • Prof. Lothar Kolditz (1981-1990)

Membership (4 parties altogether)

  • 1977 365,000
  • 1987 469,000

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  1. ^ Der Freie Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund - Free German Trade Union Alliance
  2. ^ Die Vereinigung der gegenseitigen Bauernhilfe The Union of Mutual Peasants' Assistance

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