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The National Italo-Romanian Cultural and Economic Movement (Romanian: Mişcarea Naţională Culturală şi Economică Italo-Română) or National Italo-Romanian Fascist Movement (Mişcarea Naţională Fascistă Italo-Română) was a short-lived Fascist movement active in Romania during the early 1920s.

The movement was formed in 1921 by Elena Bacaloglu, a female journalist who had an Italian husband at the time, and was an acquaintance of Benito Mussolini (she had been briefly the wife of Ovid Densusianu). The group was based around deliberate mimicry of the ideas of Italian fascism and stressed the close ethnic bonds between the Italians and the Romanians, and had a following around 100 members. It was wound up in 1923, when it merged with the National Romanian Fascia to form the National Fascist Movement.

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