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Members of the original Stronnictwo Narodowe at the funeral of Roman Dmowski. Warsaw, 1939

Stronnictwo Narodowe (SN, National Party) was a Polish political party formed in October 1928 after the transformation of Związek Ludowo-Narodowy (National People's Association). It gathered together most of the political forces of Poland's NDs (Narodowa Demokracja).

SN was one of the main opponents of the Sanacja regime. In 1934 a major faction of NDs split off from SN, forming Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny. During World War II, many SN activists joined the Narodowe Siły Zbrojne and Narodowa Organizacja Wojskowa resistance organizations.

The SN legacy was taken over by some émigré organizations. Persecuted in the People's Republic of Poland, the SN was recreated in sovereign Poland after the fall of communism in 1989. In 2001 it joined the League of Polish Families.


The main goals of the party was the construction of a Catholic Polish State. The party advocated a hierarchical organization of society and the transformation of the political system by increasing the role of the Polish National elite within the country. The SN organized numerous rallies and demonstrations against the policies of the Piłsudski government.

During the Interbellum it was the largest political party in Poland with over 200 thousand members, and different political centres in western and central Poland, Vilnius and Lviv. Prominent leaders included Joachim Bartoszewicz, Kazimierz Kowalski and Tadeusz Bielecki. Attempts were made to combine the principles of Catholicism and Nationalism.

During the period of the Polish People's Republic the organization was outlawed in Poland but continued to exist amongst in the Polish emigration with a major centre in London. It was re-established in Warsaw in 1989 by [[Jan Ostoj Matłachowski, Leon Mirecki, Maciej Giertych, Boguslaw Jeznach, Boguslaw Rybicki, and others. It was officially registered August 21 1990. In parliamentary elections held on October 27 1991 the National Party gained 74,082 votes, i.e. 0.66% of the vote. The attitude of the SM is anti-European Union and anti-Semitic.

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