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SIZE: Medium to Large AVERAGE HEIGHT: Males: 25″ to 28″ Females: 20″ to 25″ AVERAGE WEIGHT: Males: 70 to 95 lbs Females: 50 to 75 lbs

HAIR COAT: short, medium or long; They are ideal for outside cold climates with two layers thick, of which is wind and water-proof overcoat with the dense undercoat. The dense heavy undercoat that sheds heavily once a year. They may have minimal to no shedding the rest of the year and typically have no doggy odor to them.

TYPICAL COAT: black, Black/White, Black Sables, White/Grey, Black Sable Tri’s, tortoise shell, black–tan, Black/Cream, Black/Red, Black/silver, broken pattern coat, spotted or any combination thereof. The Hare type dogs will have a white base coat and are usually patterned; the plains will have more of the solid colors with some white, tan or cream. All color and color combinations are acceptable.

RARE COAT COLORS: Blue and red (these are recessive and not common in the Plains or Hare type dogs).

EYE COLOR: They have expressive eyes, ranging in color from brown to amber and almond shaped with a sparkle of intelligence looking out on the world. They can be Golden to Dark Amber and blue (blue was not a common color for the Indian dogs but is recessive because of the husky that is being used in the mix).



Their feet are webbed which assists with snow travel and swimming. Ears are prick and upright, Ears can be floppy, but pet quality only. Their head broad and wide between the eyes with an angular shaped head tapering down to a slender muzzle. The tails preferable breed standards tend towards a long tail held down with sometimes a slight kink or bend in the end.

GROOMING: Little (most of year). More during the Spring shedding season. Dogs will blow their coats once a year. Typically, minimal to no hair loss the rest of the year. Longer coated dogs may require brushing once or twice a week to keep the coat looking nice. Otherwise it can look like they are having a bad hair day.

EXERCISE: Moderate to High. Some can be active and extra activities.


This dog's intelligence level is extremely high. They are highly trainable and eager to please their human companions. They are loyal and protective of their families and are totally dedicated to their human owners. They are very good with children and other animals, including other dogs, household pets, as well as livestock. They have no "doggy" smell and those who suffer from pet allergies can usually own these animals. The inner hair coat sheds only once a year. The average life span is between 14 to 19 years of age.

The Native American Village Dog does not do well as an apartment dog or a total house dog. They need a fenced in area where they can run and play at will and do not adapt well to a "closed crate" crate training method. "Open crate" training can be successful when done properly, but not recommended for extended periods. A large yard is ideal. They prefer the outdoors, your bed or the couch, or wherever their owners happen to be.

They can be very mischievous, and if they lean towards this personality don't be surprised if they go on a ”chew and destroy” mission even if it is your favorite pair of shoes, clothing, a child’s toy, or – you can pretty much let your imagination run wild. NOTE: This does not mean every dog will do this, but it has been known to happen, especially during the puppy stage. A good trainer can help you channel your puppies energy into productive activity and teach them house manners.

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