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Indian Armed Forces
Triservices Crest
Triservices Crest.
Military Man Power
Active troops 1,325,000 (3rd)
Reserve forces 1,155,000 (7th)
Paramilitary forces 1,293,300 (4th)
Indian Army Flag of Indian Army.png
Indian Air Force Ensign of the Indian Air Force.svg
Indian Navy Naval Ensign of India.svg
Indian Coast Guard In~cg.gif
Paramilitary forces of India
Strategic Nuclear Command
Military history of India
Air Force ranks and insignia
Army ranks and insignia
Naval ranks and insignia

The following graphs presents the officer ranks of the Indian navy. These ranks generally correspond with those of Western militaries, and reflect those of the British military ranks.


Officer ranks

Rank Insignia
Shoulder IN Admiral of the NAVY Shoulder curl.png IN Admiral Shoulder curl.png IN Admiral Shoulder Board.png IN Vice Admiral Shoulder curl.png IN Vice Admiral Shoulder Board.png IN Rear Admiral Shoulder curl.png IN Rear Admiral Shoulder Board.png IN Commodore.png IN Commodore Shoulder Board.png IN Captain.png IN Commander.png IN Lieutenant Commander.png IN Lieutenant.png IN Sublieutenant.png
Sleeve IN Admiral of Navy Sleeve.png IN Admiral Sleeve.png IN Vice Admiral Sleeve.png IN Rear Admiral Sleeve .png IN Commodore Sleeve.png IN Captain Sleeve.png IN Commander Sleeve.png IN Lieutenant Commander Sleeve.png IN Lieutenant Sleeve.png IN Sublieutenant Sleeve.png
Rank Admiral of
the Fleet
Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Commodore Captain Commander Lieutenant
Lieutenant Sublieutenant
  • ¹ Honorary/War time rank. No officer held this rank in the Indian Navy.

Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) and Enlisted ranks

All-forces ranks Insignia
Master Chief Petty Officer (1st Class) (JCO)
Master Chief Petty Officer (2nd Class) (JCO)
Chief Petty Officer (JCO)
Petty Officer
Leading Seaman
Seaman I
Seaman II

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