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Navy Field 2
Developer(s) SD Enternet
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) To be officially announced. EST, 2012-2050
Genre(s) MMOG
Naval Simulation
Mode(s) Online Single-player, Online Multiplayer
Media PC Download
System requirements TBA
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

Navy Field 2 3D is a massively multiplayer online game simulating naval combat currently in development by SD Enternet as a sequel to the 2005 video game Navy Field.


Navyfield II 3D and Navyfield: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet has many differences.

  • First Navyfield I is on an outdated, even before the 2004/2005 beta period, Sprite based engine.
  • Navyfield II has more modern graphics, comparable to Battlestations and Silent Hunter 4.

Navyfield I is a simple game as is. There are five nations, of which the player selects from to choose a line of ships to progress down.

Navyfield I released new nation of France February 2010, Italy and Russia Coming soon as well.

Navyfield II 3D will also contain the 3 new nations (France's: MN Marine Nationale, Italy's: RM Regia Marina, and Russia's: SN Soviet Navy) to make it also have 8 Nations.

Navyfield I Has issues with High ram usage. The Current Sprite based engine has Memory Leaks. Using anywhere from 500 Megabytes to over a 1 gigabyte.

Navyfield II has an Expected Ram usage over 2 gigabytes.

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