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Navy SEALs

Theatrical Release Poster
Directed by Lewis Teague
Produced by Brenda Feigen
Bernie Williams
Written by Chuck Pfarrer
Gary Goldman
Starring Charlie Sheen
Michael Biehn
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Rick Rossovich
Cyril O'Reilly
Music by Gowan (song "The Dragon")
Lisa Hartman (song "Tempt Me If You Want To")
Sylvester Levay
Cinematography John A. Alonzo
Norman Kent
Distributed by Orion Pictures
Release date(s) July 20, 1990
Running time 113 min.
Country US
Language English and Arabic

Navy SEALs is a 1990 action film, directed by Lewis Teague. The writers were Chuck Pfarrer and Gary Goldman. It was produced by Brenda Feigen and Bernard Williams with consultant William Bradley.



In 1962, President Kennedy, believing that the wars of the future would be low intensity conflicts such as guerilla wars and acts of terrorism, created an elite special forces unit to meet the enemy on his own turf. Experts in sea-air-land operations, they are known as Navy SEALs.

The USS Forrestal, an aircraft carrier, is on station in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in modern times. On the bridge, the watch receives a mayday from a cargo ship. The ship reports that they have been attacked, are on fire and adrift. Wounded men scramble to flee the burning ship. A deployed Navy Sea King helicopter attempts to rescue the crew, only to get fired upon by a gunboat and the naval personnel aboard the Sea King captured.

Meanwhile, a squad of Navy SEALs (Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Dennis Haysbert, Rick Rossovich, Cyril O'Reilly, Bill Paxton, and Paul Sanchez) recently threw a bachelor party the night before for Graham (Haysbert). Graham is going to be married, but the wedding is canceled during the last minute of the ceremony when the team is paged to rescue the stranded naval personnel.

In the Mediterranean, the leader of the terrorists that shot at the Navy helicopter, Ben Shaheed, (Nicholas Kadi), orders the execution of the hostages. One prisoner is executed on the spot and another is beaten up, only for the SEALs to successfully halt the brutality. Responding to a suspicious noise, Hawkins (Sheen) breaks silence when he encounters Shaheed in an adjoining room, inadvertently alerting the others. Shaheed evades capture by claiming to be an Egyptian sailor also being held by the terrorists in the building but has his face video-recorded by Ramos (Sanchez). The SEALs evacuate the hostages from the area as they learn that Shaheed's group was in possession of Stinger missiles. Hawkins attempts to return to the warehouse containing the missiles, only to be ordered by Curran (Biehn) to proceed with extraction.

Onboard a aircraft carrier later that night, the Team members are interrogated by a group from Naval Intelligence, who question their every move and Curran's decision to leave the Stinger missiles behind. It is apparent that there is no cooperation between the Intelligence agents and the SEAL operatives. It is also obvious that Hawkins is highly agitated by the mission and has trouble dealing with the emotional upheaval the mission provided. Curran tries to calm him down but is rebuffed by Hawkins.

On another day, at the Pentagon, Shaheed is seen in a video interview. The Joint Chiefs of Staff identify Shaheed and his organization, the Al Shudadah. They also identify the interviewer as Claire Varrens (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer), a journalist and author who is half Lebanese. Her questioning of Shaheed yields an admission that he and his group participated in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983. Shaheed admits the complicity freely, saying they only sought revenge for the bombing of their homes by Navy ships and warplanes. The Joint Chiefs learn of the details behind the recent mission, with Curran requesting permission to destroy the Stingers, only for Navy Intelligence to discover they were already relocated. The SEALs have been forced on R&R in the form of playing golf, with Curran brooding over the previous mission. He then reads a book authored by Varrens. During the golf outing, Graham convinces his fianceé (S. Epatha Merkerson) to try to finish the wedding again, regardless of the hazards of Graham's job.

The team receives their orders for the next mission. Naval Intelligence has heard that the Stinger missiles are onboard a merchant ship, The Latanya, off the coast of Syria. The SEALs deploy from a submerged submarine, the USS Nyack, and board the ship, avoiding the Muslim pilgrims on the ship and locate the missiles. They face another serious danger as the missiles might be booby-trapped. The SEALs successfully board the ship and neutralize two disguised gunmen, only to find out from the bomb disposal team that the missiles were nowhere to be found.

Due to the intelligence agencies being unreliable, Curran determines the only hope for the SEALs to complete their mission is by soliciting Claire Varrens's cooperation. Curran shows Claire a tour of Navy SEAL training and attempts to woo the journalist over an elegant dinner. Claire is initially wary but opens up to Curran after watching news that the Stingers have been used to shoot down a peace delegation in Lebanon. Claire finally agrees to cooperate, providing pictures of men she has encountered, who will in turn provide information that lead the SEALs to the location of the missiles. Curran presents this new information to the Joint Chiefs. A civilian member of the group identifies one of the targeted informants as a known information merchant. The SEALs are authorized to kidnap the informant.

The Team meets at their command center to work out the details for the kidnapping. They agree with Captain Dunne that the mission should be an easy one, with possibly no shots fired. They arrive at the targeted house, having deployed by parachute from twelve miles up and swimming in, but as Curran leads several of the team in to kidnap the man, Hawkins is left to lead the three men remaining in the street as backup. When Ramos is pinned down by soldiers in the street, Hawkins disobeys Curran's order to stay quiet and instigates a gunfight. While he succeeds in killing the soldiers, Graham is killed during the confrontation.

Curran reluctantly informs Graham's fiancee of his death, and a funeral with a 21 gun salute is held. The SEALs attempt to throw an after-service party, where Curran scolds Hawkins for "toasting a man he put in the grave." At the harbor, Claire appears at Curran's houseboat to find a still grieving Curran. They walk on the boardwalk and Curran tells the woman about the mission, which leads to a night of intimacy. Curran leaves the next morning, telling Claire that the missiles have been located.

The SEALs get deployed to Beirut, this time to meet a local resistance fighter so that they can locate the building containing the Stingers. While locating the building, Dane (Paxton) is killed when setting up a sniping position. Curran and Hawkins recover his sniper rifle and leave Dane's body in his hiding spot. The SEALs manage to locate the Stingers in an old school building in a heavily bombed area of the city, with Curran leading Leary (Rossovich) and Rexer (O'Reilly) inside the building to destroy the missiles while Hawkins and Ramos maintain watch outside. By dawn, Hawkins and Ramos are spotted by a local gunman. Hawkins kills him, which alerts the nearby terrorists. As Curran's team attempts to evacuate the building, Curran gets shot in the abdomen and thigh. Curran manages to get to safety and orders Hawkins to destroy the building regardless of Curran's being in the blast radius. Hawkins disobeys the order and rescues Curran while the other SEALs provide suppressing fire before the building is finally destroyed. The SEALs commandeer a civilian's car and attempt to evacuate the city while evading pursuit by an enemy BTR-152 and enemy gunfire. The automobile is eventually shelled, with Rexer killed by a stray bullet to the head. Leary, using a recovered Stinger missile launcher, manages to destroy the APC, with the four SEALs escaping to the beach. Although the SEALs hit the water, their pursuers fire machine guns and a RPG at the men.

Shaheed steals a boat from a pier-side fisherman and follows the SEALs across the water. He spots the form of Curran floating in the sea. As he attempts to pull the body from the water he is attacked by the SEALs and in an underwater fight, Hawkins kills Shaheed. The other SEALs take out the remaining topside terrorists and destroy the small boat.

As the movie closes, the remaining members of the Team are seen adrift in the sea, hoping, but not certain, that the extraction submarine will return to take them home. Suddenly the submarine surfaces beneath them; Curran's commander having persuaded the submarine captain to turn back and make one last sweep of the area.



  • DVD Release Date : 21 July 1998
  • Company : Image Entertainment
  • Movie Genre : Feature Film-action/Adventure
  • Music by Sylvester Levay
  • This DVD is out-of-print, and the film has been reissued by MGM which owns the Orion Pictures library.

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