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Favicon of Wikipedia Neapolitan Wikipedia
Commercial? No
Type of site Internet encyclopedia project
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Neapolitan
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Neapolitan Wikipedia edition of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Neapolitan Wikipedia (Wikipedia napulitana) is the Neapolitan language version of Wikipedia, run by the Wikimedia Foundation. As of 2008, it has over 12,600 articles with real content, of total 22,000 pages, and over 660 registered users, of which 5 are administrators.[1]

Its creation was approved by the Wikimedia language subcommittee on 21 December 2006[2], where the following facts about the Neapolitan language have been mentioned:

  • Approximate number of speakers: 7-8 million
  • Location(s) spoken: in southern Italy in several varieties (from Abruzzi & southern Latium to northern Calabria and Northern Apulia); centered in Campania, Italy, and due to immigration in many parts of the world.
  • Closely related languages, if any: Sicilian. Also Italian, Corsican, Sardinian, etc. Romance language with influences from Greek, Catalan, Spanish, French, and Arabic languages due to southern Italian history (Oscan substratum, pre-Latin language spoken in the same area as modern Neapolitan).
  • External links to organizations that promote the language: [3]


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