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The 5th Nebraska Congressional District is an obsolete district. It was created after the 1890 census and abolished after the 1940 census.

Congress Representative
53rd (1893-1895) William A. McKeighan (Populist)
54th (1895-1897) William E. Andrews
55th (1897-1899) Roderick Dhu Sutherland (Populist)
56th (1899-1901)
57th (1901-1903) Ashton C. Shallenberger
58th (1903-1905) George W. Norris
59th (1905-1907)
60th (1907-1909)
61st (1909-1911)
62nd (1911-1913)
63rd (1913-1915) Silas Reynolds Barton
64th (1915-1917) Ashton C. Shallenberger
65th (1917-1919)
66th (1919-1921) William E. Andrews
67th (1921-1923)
68th (1923-1925) Ashton C. Shallenberger
69th (1925-1927)
70th (1927-1929)
71st (1929-1931) Fred Gustus Johnson
72nd (1931-1933) Ashton C. Shallenberger
73rd (1933-1935) Terry Carpenter
74th (1935-1937) Harry B. Coffee
75th (1937-1939)
76th (1939-1941)
77th (1941-1943)


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