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Negative may refer to:


Science and mathematics




Other uses

  • Negative sign, a term in astrology describing passive or feminine signs of the zodiac
  • Negative space, in art, the space around or between elements of the subject
  • Negative (policy debate) (NEG), the team which negates the resolution in policy debate
  • Negative feedback, a feedback loop that responds in the opposite direction to a perturbation
  • Negative words,words that means cruel or bad things

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Simple English

Negative is a word that has at least three different meanings.

If a person or a company has negative net worth, this means that the money they owe to others is more than the money and other things they have or are going to get.

  • Some people also use negative the same way as "no", or other related words. "Not", "Never", "Nowhere" etc. are all negative words. On two-way radios the word "negative" is used instead of "no" to be clearer.
  • In film photography, a negative is exposed picture or movie film that has been processed, and is ready to be used to make a print. In a negative, everything in the picture has the opposite color. Things that are white will be black, things that are red will be green, and things that are orange will be blue.
  • Something negative can be something bad.


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