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Origin Turin, Italy
Genres Hardcore punk, Punk rock
Years active 1983—1992
Labels Konkurrel,
Mordam Records,
New Beginning Records,
We Bite Records
Associated acts 5° Braccio
Former members
Guido Sassola - vocals (1983-1992)
Roberto Farano - guitar (1983-1992)
Marco Mathieu - bass (1983-1992)
Several drummers (see Band Members)

Negazione was a hardcore punk band based in Turin, Italy during the 80's and early 90's.

Formed in 1983, they were one of the most important band for the hardcore punk scene in Italy at the time. They were one of the early bands of the Italian hardcore punk scene, like Raw Power, Wretched, Declino and Indigesti.

The band broke up in 1992, their last show being at that year's Monsters of Rock festival. They are still remembered as hardcore legends by many not just in Italy, but also world-wide.


Band members

The main members of the band were:

In the course of the band's existence there were many changes in drummers. In chronological order they were:

  • Orlando Furioso
  • Michele D'Alessio
  • Roberto Vernetti - drum machine
  • Fabrizio Fiegl
  • Rowdy James
  • Stefano Bonanni, "Bone"
  • Elvin Betty
  • Giovanni Pellino, "Jeff", now known as "Neffa", funky-pop singer
  • Massimo Ferrusi


Studio albums


Compilation albums

  • Wild Bunch: The Early Days (1989)
  • TuttiPazzi: Negazione 1983-1992 (2002)


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