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Negus (Ge'ez ንጉሥ, nigūś, Amharic nigūs; cf. Tigrinya ነጋሽ negāš) is a title in Ge'ez, Tigrinya, Tigre and Amharic, used for a king and at times also a vassal ruler in pre-1974 Ethiopia and pre-1890 Eritrea. It is subsequently used to translate the word "king" in Biblical and other literature. It is a noun derived from the ancient Semitic verbal root N - G - Ś meaning "to reign."

In more recent times it was used as a honorific title bestowed on governors of the most important provinces (kingdoms): Gojjam, Welega and the seaward kingdom (where the variation Bahr Negus 'King of the Sea', was the ancient title of the ruler of present-day central Eritrea) and later Shewa.

Both uses and the imperial dignity would meet in the person of a regional prince, Lij Kassa Hailu, third youngest son of Dejazmach Hailu Wolde-Giyorgis, Governor of Qwara province, by his second wife Woizero Attitaggab, who rebelled against Empress Menen and her son Ras Ali II the Viceroy, in 1845 and spent the next nine years alternating between rebellion and submission until he was proclaimed as Negus at Amba Chera, (19 September 1854), and after the battle of Derasge proclaimed himself Emperor 8 February 1855 and was crowned as Tewodros II, at Derasge Maryam the next day.

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commonly referred to as "negus please".

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NEGUS. (I) The title of a king or ruler (Amharic negus or n' Os), in Abyssinia; the full title of the emperor is negus nagasti, " king of kings." (2) The name of a drink made of wine, most commonly port, mixed with hot water, spiced and sugared. According to Malone (Life of Dryden, Prose Works, i. 484) this drink was invented by a Colonel Francis Negus (d. 1732), who was commissioner for executing the office of master of the horse from 1717 to 1727, when he became master of the buckhounds.

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From Amharic ንጉሥ (n’gus) ‘king’.


  • IPA: /ˈni:gəs/




Negus (plural Neguses)

  1. (historical) The supreme ruler of Ethiopia before 1974.

Proper noun


  1. An English surname of unknown derivation


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