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Nellie with her mother, Julia Grant; brother, Jesse; and her mother's father, Frederick Dent

Nellie Grant (July 4, 1855 – August 30, 1922) was the third child and only daughter of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and First Lady Julia Grant.



Born near St. Louis, Missouri, she was first named Julia, at the insistence of her father, but was christened Ellen Wrenshall Grant at eighteen months to honor her dying grandmother.[1]

Marriage and children

Despite her father's disapproval, Nellie was married to Algernon Charles Frederick Sartoris (August 1, 1851 – February 3, 1893), a wealthy English singer, son of Adelaide Kemble and nephew of the famous actress Fanny Kemble, in a lavish White House ceremony on May 21, 1874.[2]

They lived together in England for a time but later separated. They had four children:

  • Grant Grenville Edward Sartoris (b. July 11, 1875 d. May 21, 1876);
  • Algernon Edward Sartoris (b. March 17, 1877 d. 1907);
  • Vivien May Sartoris (b. April 7, 1879 d. 1933); and
  • Rosemary Alice Sartoris (b. November 30, 1880 d. 1914).

Her father had disapproved of the marriage, and Sartoris proved dissolute and a disappointment to his parents, who made it clear that they did not blame Nellie for the breakup. Sartoris died in 1893, leaving her a wealthy young widow.

She married a second time to Frank Hatch Jones (d. October 2, 1931) on July 4, 1912.


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