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The Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto. When first proposed in the 1980s the building had a strongly postmodernist design. The final design, completed in 2009, adopted the neomodern style.

Neomodern is a term used to describe a "new simplicity" in art and in reaction to the complexity of postmodern architecture and eclecticism.

Neomodern is also used on occasion to simply denote the contemporary period, from the framework of assuming that the postmodern period is "waning" (see Agent state) and that the central question of the present is how to avoid the predatory results of market economies without asserting a "pre-modern anti-capitalism".


Neomodern architecture

Neomodern architecture is one of the dominant forms of architecture today. It tends to be used for a certain segment of buildings. Residential houses tend to embrace neo-historical and neo-eclectic styles, for instance, and major monuments today most often opt for starchitect inspired uniqueness. Neomodern is thus most often found in large, but not landmark projects such as office towers and condominiums.

Neomodern architecture shares many of the basic characteristics of modernism. Both reject the postmodern ornamentation, decorations, and deliberate attempts to imitate the past. Neomodern buildings, like modern ones, are designed to be largely monolithic and functional. Neomodernism diverges most sharply from modernism in its approach to urbanism. It embraces many of the tenets of New Urbanism rejecting the tower in the park vision of Le Corbusier in favour of buildings integrated into city that are open to transit users and pedestrians.

Neomodern artist group

The neomodern artist group was founded in 1997 by Guy Denning[1] on the premise that the diversity of British contemporary art was being stifled by the state supported art institutions and organisations. The group have no common style or media but there is a bias towards figurative painting. Other artists include Juno Doran, Antony Micallef, Ghislaine Howard and Mark Demsteader.

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