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Construct simple sentences with the words introduced above.

  • I eat = jin na-yā
  • We are rich = Jhi-pin tamhi kha
Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation Pronunciation
hello ज्वजलपा // jwajalapaa
Whats up? छु दु? // chhu du?
yes ख: // kha
no मखु // makhu
I do not understand जिं मथु // jin mathu
I do not know Nepal Bhasa जित नेपाल भाय मव // jita nepaala bhaaya mawa
Do you know Nepal Bhasa? छित नेपाल भाय व:? // chhita nepaala bhaaya wa?
Happy New Year न्हुगु दंया भिन्तुना // nhugu dan yaa bhintunaa
Where is the bathroom? चबी गन दु थें? // chabee gana du then?
Thank you सुभाय् // subhaay
Welcome लसकुस // lasakusa
Help ग्वाली // gwaalee
Good Morning भीं सुथ // bheen sutha
Good Night भीं बहनी // bheen bahanee


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