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Nepalese American
Total population
Nepalese Americans
9,399[1] As of 2000
Regions with significant populations
California, Minnesota,Texas, New York, Maryland, Colorado

English, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, limbu, gurung


Hinduism, Buddhism, Kirant Mundhum, Christianity, Islam

Related ethnic groups

Nepali people, Newar, Rana, Shah, Tamang, Gurung, Limbu, Rai, Magar

Nepalese Americans are the Citizens or Permanent Residents or other people staying in United States whose ethnic origins lie fully or partially in the South Asian nation of Nepal. But this list also include other Nepali language speaking people migrated from India, Bhutan or Myanmar. They migrated to United States since 20th century and have been able to establish themselves in this new land. The history of immigration to America for Nepalese is short in comparison to other ethnic groups.



Nepali seem to be migrating to United States from early 20th century. The first Nepalese to enter the United States were classified as "other Asian." Immigration records show that between 1881 and 1890 1,910 "other Asians" were admitted to the United States. However, Nepal did not open its borders until 1950, and most Nepalis who left the country during that time primarily went to India to study. The first time that the Nepalese were classified as a separate group occurred in 1974, when 56 Nepalese had immigrated to the United States. The number of immigrants from Nepal remained below 100 per year through 1996.

According to the 1990 U.S. Census, there were 2,616 Americans with Nepalese ancestry. Fewer than 100 Nepalese immigrants become U.S. citizens each year, but the number of Nepalese who become legal residents has grown steadily from 78 in 1987 to 431 in 1996. The Nepalese community experienced a significant growth in population during the 2000s. The poor political and economic conditions caused by the Nepalese Civil War markedly increased emigration from Nepal. Significant communities of Nepalese Americans exist in large metropolitan areas such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Portland, Gainesville, and St. Paul. Sizable numbers also live in various cities of California.


The current estimation of population of Nepalese Americans is around 110,616.

Notable Americans of Nepali origin

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