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Nevada's at-large congressional district was created when Nevada was granted statehood in 1864, encompassing the entire state. It existed until 1983, when it was made obsolete by the 1980 Census and subsequent reapportionment in which Nevada was awarded a second seat in the House of Representatives. Nevada began electing two representatives from separate districts commencing with the election of 1982 and the 98th Congress.

Historic Representation

The table that follows lists the former representatives of Nevada's at-large congressional district.

Congress Representative Party
38th (1863–1865) Henry G. Worthington Republican
39th-40th (1865–1869) Delos R. Ashley
41st (1869–1871) Thomas Fitch
42nd-43rd (1871–1875) Charles West Kendall Democratic
44th (1875–1877) William Woodburn Republican
45th (1877–1879) Thomas Wren
46th (1879–1881) Rollin M. Daggett
47th-48th (1881–1885) George Williams Cassidy Democratic
49th-50th (1885–1889) William Woodburn Republican
51st-52nd (1889–1893) Horace F. Bartine
53rd-57th (1893–1903) Francis G. Newlands Democratic
58th-59th (1903–1907) Clarence D. Van Duzer
60th-61st (1907–1911) George A. Bartlett
62nd-65th (1911–1919) Edwin E. Roberts Republican
66th (1919–1921) Charles R. Evans Democratic
67th (1921–1923) Samuel S. Arentz Republican
68th (1923–1925) Charles L. Richards Democratic
69th-72nd (1925–1933) Samuel S. Arentz Republican
73rd-77th (1933–1943) James G. Scrugham Democratic
78th (1943–1945) Maurice J. Sullivan
79th (1945–1947) Berkeley L. Bunker
80th (1947–1949) Charles H. Russell Republican
81st-82nd (1949–1953) Walter S. Baring, Jr. Democratic
83rd-84th (1953–1957) Clarence Clifton Young Republican
85th-92nd (1957–1973) Walter S. Baring, Jr. Democratic
93rd (1973–1975) David Towell Republican
94th-97th (1975–1983) James David Santini Democratic



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