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New Age Gaians are people who use the Gaia Theory of James Lovelock spiritually. These people generally believe that the Earth is an entity that we are to get in touch with in order to obtain inner or world peace, or maintain global homeostasis.

Often referred to as Gaianism, or the Gaian Religion, this spiritual aspect of the philosophy is very broad and inclusive, making it adaptable to other religions: Humanism, Taoism, Neo-Paganism, Pantheism, Judeo-Christian Religions, and others.

The beliefs of Gaianism are fairly open-ended:

1. Honor Gaia. (Gaia, sometimes spelled Gaea, ultimately is simply a name given for the co-dependent "Web of Life" that includes all physical forms of existence from plants to humans; sometimes this is expanded to include stars and other planets, or the Universe itself. Some Gaians even go so far as to say Gaia is Earth's true name, in the sense that Mars is the name of planet Mars)

2. Endeavor to Soften or Reduce the Human Impact on Gaia. (Essentially, this means being mindful of one's actions and to be moderate with natural resources. Environmentalism and Environmental Education is strongly encouraged.)

3. Be Respectful of Life in All Its Forms. (Be respectful and courteous not only of human life, but also animal and to an extent plant life. Many Gaians often become vegetarians and vegans, however this is not a requirement.)

More religious aspects of Gainism (such as the nature of the Divine, afterlife, etc.) are left up to the individual's personal belief system. Gaianism is simply a spiritual philosophy given in an effort to understand the unity of the universe that binds us all and encourage environmental awareness.

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