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New Georgia
New Georgia Islands with main centres
Solomon Islands - New Georgia Islands.PNG
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 8°15′S 157°30′E / 8.25°S 157.5°E / -8.25; 157.5
Archipelago Solomon Islands
Area 2,037 square kilometres (786 sq mi)
Length 72 kilometres (45 mi)
Solomon Islands
province Western Province
Solomon Islands

New Georgia is the largest island of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It is in the New Georgia Group, an archipelago including most of the other larger islands in the province. About 72 km (45 miles) long, it forms part of the southern boundary of the New Georgia Sound; Kolombangara lies across the Kula Gulf to the west, Vangunu is to the east, and Rendova to the south, across the Blanche Channel.

The island is rugged and heavily forested.


During World War II, the United States' New Georgia Campaign opened with landings on New Georgia and nearby islands on 30 June 1943. New Georgia was secured by American forces on 23 August, after weeks of difficult and bloody jungle fighting, although fighting continued on some nearby islands until October 1943.

Also, several significant naval battles between warships of the U.S. Navy and its allies, and the Imperial Japanese Navy occurred in the waters near New Georgia Island, such as the Battle of Kula Gulf, in 1943

Munda, the Japanese base on New Georgia Island, was the main objective of the assault on the island. This base was not overrun until 5 August 1943. The Japanese port at Bairoko Harbor, 13 km (eight miles) north of Munda, were not taken until 25 August.


The ten languages spoken on the island are from the family of New Georgia languages, a subgroup of the Northwest Solomonic languages within the Oceanic languages, a major group of the Austronesian family.


Coordinates: 8°15′S 157°30′E / 8.25°S 157.5°E / -8.25; 157.5



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