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New Mexico Senate
Type Upper House
President of the Senate Diane Denish, (D)
since January 1, 2003
President pro tempore Timothy Jennings, (D)
since January 15, 2008
Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, (D)
since November 20, 2004
Minority Leader Stuart Ingle, (R)
since 2006
Members 42
Political groups Democratic Party
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
Senate Chamber
New Mexico State Capitol, Santa Fe

The New Mexico Senate is the upper house of the New Mexico State Legislature. The Senate consists of 42 members, with each senator representing an equal amount of single-member constituent districts across the state. All senatorial districts are divided to contain a population on average of 43,300 state residents. Members of the Senate are elected to four-year terms without term limits.

The Senate convenes at the New Mexico State Capitol building in Santa Fe.

2002 Senate District Map



The current makeup of the Senate for the 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 sessions is:

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 24 18 42 0
Begin 27 15 42 0
Latest voting share 64.3% 35.7%


Position Senator District
President/Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish
President pro tempore Timothy Jennings 32
Majority Leader Michael Sanchez 29
Majority Whip Mary Jane Garcia 36
Minority Leader Stuart Ingle 27
Minority Whip William Payne 20
Current New Mexico Senators

District 1: William Sharer (R)
District 2: Steven Neville (R)
District 3: John Pinto (D)
District 4: George Munoz (D)
District 5: Richard Martinez (D)
District 6: Carlos Cisneros (D)
District 7: Clinton Harden, Jr. (R)
District 8: Pete Campos (D)
District 9: John Sapien (D)
District 10: John Ryan (R)
District 11: Linda Lopez (D)
District 12: Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D)
District 13: Dede Feldman (D)
District 14: Eric Griego (D)
District 15: Tim Eichenberg (D)
District 16: Cisco McSorley (D)
District 17: Timothy Keller (D)
District 18: Mark Boitano (R)
District 19: Sue Wilson Beffort (R)
District 20: William Payne (R)
District 21: Kent Cravens (R)

District 22: Lynda Lovejoy (D)
District 23: Sander Rue (R)
District 24: Nancy Rodriguez (D)
District 25: Peter Wirth (D)
District 26: Bernadette Sanchez (D)
District 27: Stuart Ingle (R)
District 28: Howie Morales (D)
District 29: Michael Sanchez (D)
District 30: David Ulibarri (D)
District 31: Cynthia Nava (D)
District 32: Timothy Jennings (D)
District 33: Rod Adair (R)
District 34: Vernon Asbill (R)
District 35: John Arthur Smith (D)
District 36: Mary Jane Garcia (D)
District 37: Stephen Fischmann (D)
District 38: Mary Kay Papen (D)
District 39: Phil Griego (D)
District 40: Dianna J. Duran (R)
District 41: Carroll H. Leavell (R)
District 42: Gay Gottshall Kernan (R)

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