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Baron Davis has played in two NBA All-Star Games when he was a member of the Hornets.[1]

The New Orleans Hornets are an American professional basketball team based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They play in the Southwest Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The franchise was founded in the 1988–89 NBA season as the Charlotte Hornets, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they were located until the end of the 2001–02 NBA season. In the summer of 2002, the Hornets were relocated to New Orleans after NBA's relocation committee approved the move.[2] During the 2005–07 period, the Hornets played 71 games in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma due to the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.[3]

The Hornets first participated in the NBA Draft on June 28, 1988, about five months before their inaugural NBA season. The 1988 NBA Draft became the last draft where teams selected players in three rounds. In 1989, the NBA agreed with the National Basketball Players Association to limit drafts to two rounds, an arrangement that has remained the same up to the present time.[4] Before each draft, an NBA Draft Lottery determines the first round selection order for the teams that missed the playoffs during the prior season.[4] Teams can also trade their picks, which means that teams may have more or less than two picks in some drafts, although they must have at least one first-round pick every other year.[5]

The first pick in the Hornets' history was Rex Chapman, a shooting guard from the University of Kentucky. The Hornets have had four top-four picks and all of them have participated in the NBA All-Star Game; they were Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Baron Davis, and Chris Paul.[1][6] In 1996, the Hornets drafted Kobe Bryant thirteenth overall, but traded him for Vlade Divac. Bryant is now an MVP, a ten-time all-star, and a four-time NBA Champion.[7]



Abbreviation Meaning Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nationality Pos Position
G Guard PG Point guard
SG Shooting guard F Forward
SF Small forward PF Power forward
C Center    


Draft Round Pick Player Nat Pos College/High School/Club
1988 1 8 Chapman, RexRex Chapman  USA SG Kentucky
1988 2 34 Tolbert, TomTom Tolbert  USA PF/C Arizona
1988 3 58 Moore, JeffJeff Moore  USA PF/C Auburn
1989 1 5 Reid, J.R.J.R. Reid  USA PF North Carolina
1989 2 29 Nix, DyronDyron Nix (traded to Indiana)[a]  USA SF/PF Tennessee
1990 1 5 Gill, KendallKendall Gill  USA SG Illinois
1990 2 39 Scheffler, SteveSteve Scheffler (from Houston)[b]  USA PF/C Purdue
1991 1 1 Johnson, LarryLarry Johnson  USA SF/PF UNLV
1991 2 28 Lynch, KevinKevin Lynch (from Denver)[c]  USA SF Minnesota
1992 1 2 Mourning, AlonzoAlonzo Mourning  USA C Georgetown
1992 2 35 Bennett, TonyTony Bennett  USA PG Wisconsin–Green Bay
1993 1 17 Graham, GregGreg Graham (traded to Philadelphia)[d]  USA SG Indiana
1993 1 20 Burrell, ScottScott Burrell (from San Antonio)[e]  USA SF Connecticut
1994 2 38 Hancock, DarrinDarrin Hancock  USA SG/SF Kansas
1995 1 22 Zidek, GeorgeGeorge Zidek  CZE C UCLA
1996 1 13 Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant (traded to L.A. Lakers)[f]  USA SG Lower Merion (H.S.)
1996 1 16 Delk, TonyTony Delk (from Miami)[g]  USA PG/SG Kentucky
1996 2 44 Rose, MalikMalik Rose  USA PF Drexel
1998 1 21 Davis, RickyRicky Davis  USA SG/SF Iowa
1998 2 50 Betts, AndrewAndrew Betts (traded to Indiana)[h]  UK C Long Beach State
1999 1 3 Davis, BaronBaron Davis  USA PG UCLA
1999 2 43 Nailon, LeeLee Nailon  USA PF Texas Christian
2000 1 19 Magloire, JamaalJamaal Magloire  CAN PF/C Kentucky
2001 1 16 Haston, KirkKirk Haston  USA PF Indiana
2003 1 18 West, DavidDavid West  USA PF Xavier
2003 2 48 Lang, JamesJames Lang  USA PF/C Central Park Christian (H.S.)
2004 1 18 Smith, J. R.J. R. Smith  USA SG St. Benedict's (H.S.)
2004 2 44 Pickett, TimTim Pickett  USA SG Florida State
2005 1 4 Paul, ChrisChris Paul  USA PG Wake Forest
2005 2 33 Bass, BrandonBrandon Bass  USA PF Louisiana State
2006 1 12 Armstrong, HiltonHilton Armstrong  USA PF/C Connecticut
2006 1 15 Simmons, CedricCedric Simmons (from Milwaukee)[i]  USA PF North Carolina State
2006 2 43 Vinicius, MarcusMarcus Vinicius  BRA SF Objetivo São Carlos (Brazil)
2007 1 13 Wright, JulianJulian Wright  USA SF Kansas
2007 2 43 Haluska, AdamAdam Haluska  USA SG Iowa
2008 1 27 Arthur, DarrellDarrell Arthur (traded to Portland)[j]  USA PF Kansas
2009 1 21 Collison, DarrenDarren Collison  USA PG UCLA



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