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New York Goes to Work
Format Reality
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Starring Tiffany Pollard
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 9
Executive producer(s) Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Ben Samek
Running time 30 mins.
60 mins. (Finale)
Original channel VH1
Original run May 4, 2009 – June 29, 2009
Preceded by New York Goes To Hollywood

New York Goes to Work is a reality VH1 series that first premiered on May 4, 2009. This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a regular job. The jobs are selected by fans (by text messaging) from a list of three possible jobs for each individual episode. She will receive a $10,000 bonus each week if she is able to impress her employer. However, if she instead quits/fails or gets fired, she receives no bonus for the week.


New York's Salary

  • Episode 1: $10,000
  • Episode 2: $10,000
  • Episode 3: $0
  • Episode 4: $0
  • Episode 5: $10,000
  • Episode 6: $10,000
  • Episode 7: $0
  • Episode 8: $0
  • Episode 9 (Finale): $5,000 (Mr. Boston, New York's opponent won the other half)

Total: $45,000

Episode Progress

# New York's Progress
Job Tasks Completed/Choice Result
1 Exterminator 2/3 PASSED
2 Pig Farmer 3/6 PASSED
3 Nudist Resort Employee 2/4 FAILED
4 Ghost Hunter 2/4 FAILED
5 Exotic Animal Trainer 2/3 PASSED
6 Doggie Day Care Worker 2/3 PASSED
7 Clown 2/3 FAILED
8 Fast Food Worker 0/3 FAILED
9 Professional Boxer Mr. Boston* DRAW
     New York passed her job and was rewarded $10,000.
     New York was tied with her opponent and won $5,000.
     New York failed her job and got nothing.
*Pumkin was voted to fight New York but was unable to show up, leaving the second place vote for Mr. Boston to fight New York.



Episode 1

First aired May 4, 2009

  • Job choices: Ranch Hand, Baker, Exterminator
  • New York wanted: Baker
  • America voted: Exterminator
  • Result: Passed

In the first episode, viewers sent New York to work as an exterminator for the Abolish Pest Control Company. First, she tackles an enormous bee hive with major hesitation, but makes a successful start. Then, she chases a snake with a very rough start but she passes this challenge on thin ice. Then, being very apprehensive she tackles getting a dead rat under a house, she leaves Jason under the house to get the dead rotting rat corpse, and is deemed unsuccessful. In the end, she is awarded a check for $10,000.

Episode 2

First aired May 11, 2009

  • Job choices: Pig Farmer, Construction Worker, Pet Groomer
  • New York wanted: Pet Groomer
  • America voted: Pig Farmer
  • Result: Passed

Viewers sent New York to work as a Pig Farmer. Her first task was to clean the pig pen which she failed to do. Her second task was to move the pig, which she also failed to accomplish. The third task was to feed the pigs, which she accomplished. The fourth task, to carve the pig, was also completed. The fifth task was to trim the goat nails, also was unaccomplished and her sixth and final task was to artificially inseminate a pig , which she completed. In the end, she was awarded her check for $10,000.

Episode 3

First Aired May 18, 2009

  • Job choices: Casting Director, Cafeteria Worker, Nudist Resort Employee
  • New York wanted: Casting Director/Cafeteria Worker
  • America voted: Nudist Resort Employee
  • Result: Failed

In week 3, New York was chosen to work at a Nudist Resort. While she could succeed at serving breakfast, she had a tough time dealing with all the nudity. During the Resort party, New York had too much to drink, officially putting her in the failed category.

Episode 4

First Aired May 25, 2009

  • Job choices: Cake Maker, Ghost Hunter, General contractor
  • New York wanted: Cake Maker
  • America voted: Ghost Hunter
  • Result: Failed

In week 4, New York was sent to be a Ghost Hunter on the RMS Queen Mary, a now-retired ocean liner that was used during World War II for troop transport. As an "employee" of Beyond Investigation Magazine, New York was supposed to collect EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and make contact with a young ghost girl named Jackie who had supposedly drowned in the first class pool. New York failed to collect an EVP, but did make contact with Jackie. New York then advanced to the next task, which was to make contact with spirits in the darkest hall on the ship, known as the Vortex. She failed this challenge, mostly due to her incessant screaming and eventual pulling her boss back out into the lighted hall. Her third task was to speak with a ghost named Henry in the ship's boiler room. Henry was supposed to be very angry, having been a worker accidentally boiled during his job. Nervous, she feels something touch her arm and runs out of the room. In the final challenge, they conduct a seance, where New York is initially scared; within a few minutes she feels something touch her arm again and runs screaming to a higher, lighted deck, refusing to finish. New York does not win the $10,000 and refuses to come back again.

Episode 5

First Aired June 1, 2009

  • Job choices: Gardener, Dairy Farmer, Exotic Animal Trainer
  • America voted: Exotic Animal Trainer
  • Result: Passed

Episode 6

First Aired June 8, 2009

  • Job choices: Doggie Day Care Worker, Auto Mechanic, Super Market Employee
  • New York wanted: Super Market Employee
  • America voted: Doggie Day Care Worker
  • Result: Passed

Episode 7

First Aired June 15, 2009

  • Job choices: Junk Removal Worker, Clown, Matchmaker
  • New york wanted: Matchmaker
  • America voted: Clown
  • Result: Failed

Episode 8

First Aired June 22, 2009

In week 8, is sent to be a fast food worker. Her first task is with the potatoes, and she failed because she was trying to make a guy hug her. The second task was to make burgers. She tries then burns her hands screaming "why dont y'all care!" There is a long line. She fails. The last task was with customer service, and she starts screaming into the microphone saying what! Sorry. One customer said she did not like the way New York was talking to her. So New York gets mad and calls the customer a bitch. Overall she fails.

Episode 9 (Season Finale)

First Aired June 29, 2009

  • Job: Professional Boxer
  • Choices: Mr. Boston, Bryan the Pig Farmer, Pumkin
  • New York wanted: Pumkin
  • America Voted: Pumkin (succeeded by Mr. Boston)
  • Result: Draw
  • Notes: Pumkin did not show up. Mr. Boston had the second most votes.

What Should New York Do Next?

  • Choices: I Love New York 3, Find A Real Job, Take A Vacation
  • New York Wanted: Take a Vacation
  • America Voted: I Love New York 3



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