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New York gubernatorial election, 2002
November 5, 2002
Former governor george pataki new york state photo by christopher peterson.jpg Replace this image male.svg
Candidate George Pataki Carl McCall Tom Golisano
Party Republican Democratic Independence
Popular vote 2,262,255 1,534,064 654,016
Percentage 48.2% 32.7% 13.9%
In red are counties where Pataki won, in blue by McCall and in green by Golisano. The blue patch is NYC except Staten Island

Incumbent Governor
George Pataki

George Pataki

The New York gubernatorial election of 2002 was an election for the state governorship held on November 5, 2002. Governor George Pataki, the two-term Republican incumbent, was re-elected with 49% of the vote, defeating both the Democratic nominee, State Comptroller Carl McCall and Independence Party candidate Tom Golisano.



In New York state politics, the proliferation of parties and ballot lines ensures that each candidate attempts to be listed under multiple ballot lines. Besides his standard Republican nomination, Governor Pataki sought the nominations of the Conservative and the Independence Party. Golisano, who sought (and ultimately won) the nomination of the Independence Party, also ran against the Governor in the Conservative primary, spending over $20 million during the primaries, or over $2000 per vote. Pataki secured the Republican and Conservative listings, while Golisano successfully defended his hold on the Independence Party ticket.[1]

Comptroller Carl McCall defeated Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic State Convention, and Cuomo withdrew less than a week before the primary, but this was too late to get his name off the Liberal line. Since Liberal supporters could no longer support the Democratic candidate but vote for the Liberal line (and thus ensure that the Liberals would maintain ballot access), Cuomo's defeat effectively helped to destroy the Liberal party.

Pataki was easily reelected; McCall received 33 percent of the vote, carrying New York City (other than Staten Island) and nearly carrying Albany County while Golisano received 14%, carrying upstate's Monroe County.




Candidate Conservative Vote percentage Independence Vote percentage
George Pataki 18,185 (86.86%) 9,026 (48.53%)
Tom Golisano 2,751 (13.14%) 9,572 (51.47%)


Candidate Democratic Vote percentage
Comptroller Carl McCall 539,883 (85.28%)
Andrew Cuomo 93,195 (14.72%)

General Election Results


Governor candidate Running Mate Party Popular Vote (PV)
George E. Pataki (inc.) Mary O. Donohue (inc.) Republican, Conservative 2,262,255 48.23%
H. Carl McCall Dennis Mehiel Democratic,
Working Families
1,534,064 32.70%
B. Thomas Golisano Mary O. Donohue Independence 654,016 13.94%
Gerard J. Cronin Stasia T. Vogel Right to Life 44,195 0.94%
Stanley Aronowitz Jennifer Daniels Green 41,797 0.89%
Thomas K. Leighton Thomas J. Hillgardner Marijuana Reform 21,977 0.47%
Andrew Cuomo Charles G. King Liberal 15,761 0.34%
Scott Jeffrey Jay Greco Libertarian 5,013 0.11%
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