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The 1902 New York state election was held on November 4, 1902, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer and a judge of the New York Court of Appeals, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.



The "Liberal Democratic" state convention met at Cooper Union in Manhattan. This party was composed of Bryan Democrats, Chicago Platform Democrats and former Populists which were fiercely opposed to Democratic boss David B. Hill. Judge Samuel Seabury was Permanent Chairman. They nominated Edgar L. Ryder for Governor; J. C. Corbin, of St. Lawrence County, for Lieutenant Governor; John B. Howarth, of Buffalo, for Secretary of State; De Myre S. Fero for Comptroller; Daniel B. Casley, of Westchester County, for Treasurer; Dennis Spellissey, of New York City, for Attorney General; John E. Dugan, of Albany County, for State Engineer; and Robert Stewart, of Brooklyn, for the Court of Appeals.[1]

The Social Democratic state convention met on July 4 at 64, East Fourth Street in Manhattan. They nominated Benjamin Hanford for Governor; William Thurston Brown, of Rochester, for Lieutenant Governor; Leonard D. Abbott for Secretary of State; Gen. Lawrence Mayes, of New York City, for Attorney General; Warren Atkinson, of Brooklyn, for Comptroller; Joel Moses, of Rochester, for Treasurer; Everitt Holmes, of Peekskill, for State Engineer; and John F. Clarke, of New York City, for the Court of Appeals.[2]

The Socialist Labor state convention met on August 30 at Utica, New York.

The Prohibition state convention met on September 5 at Saratoga, New York. Alfred L. Manierre, of New York City, was Temporary Chairman until the choice of Alphonso A. Hopkins as Permanent Chairman. They nominated Manierre for Governor; Alfred A. Hartman, of Albion, for Lieutenant Governor; Alden W. Young, of Oswego, for Secretary of State; Samuel Mitchell, of Hornellsville, for Treasurer; James McNeil, of Hudson, for Comptroller; Emmett F. Smith for State Engineer; Erwin J. Baldwin, of Elmira, for the Court of Appeals; and endorsed Democrat John Cunneen for Attorney General.[3]

The Republican state convention met on September 23 and 24 at Saratoga, New York. Timothy E. Ellsworth was Permanent Chairman. Governor Benjamin B. Odell, Jr., was re-nominated after a roll call in which all votes were cast for him. All other state officers were nominated by acclamation.[4]

The Democratic state convention met on September 30 and October 1 at Saratoga, New York. Martin W. Littleton was Permanent Chairman.[5]


Six Republicans and two Democrats were elected in a tight race.

The incumbents Odell, Miller, Bond and Gray were re-elected.

28 Republicans and 22 Democrats were elected to a two-year term (1903-04) in the New York State Senate.

89 Republicans and 61 Democrats were elected for the session of 1903 to the New York State Assembly.

The Republican, Democratic, Social Democratic, Prohibition and Socialist Labor parties maintained automatic ballot status (necessary 10,000 votes for Governor).

1902 state election results
Office Republican ticket Democratic ticket Social Democratic ticket Prohibition ticket Socialist Labor ticket Liberal Democratic ticket
Governor Benjamin B. Odell Jr. 665,150 Bird S. Coler 656,347 Benjamin Hanford 23,400 Alfred L. Manierre[6] 20,490 Daniel De Leon 15,886 Edgar L. Ryder[7] 1,894
Lieutenant Governor Frank W. Higgins 663,689 Charles N. Bulger 653,555 William Thurston Brown John A. Hartman J. C. Corbin
Secretary of State John F. O'Brien 663,590 Frank H. Mott 631,700 Leonard D. Abbott[8] Alden W. Young[9] John B. Howarth
Comptroller Nathan L. Miller 664,412 Charles M. Preston 651,373 Warren Atkinson James McNeil De Myre S. Fero[10]
Attorney General Henry B. Coman 662,463 John Cunneen 671,928[11] Lawrence Mayes 23,832 John Cunneen Wallace 16,473 Dennis Spellissey 1,916
Treasurer John G. Wickser 663,490 George R. Finch 651,949 Joel Moses[12] Samuel Mitchell Daniel B. Casley
State Engineer Edward A. Bond 663,674 Richard W. Sherman 651,677 Everitt Holmes Emmett F. Smith[13] John E. Dugan
Judge of the Court of Appeals William E. Werner 650,505 John Clinton Gray 665,326 John F. Clarke 23,617 Erwin J. Baldwin[14] 21,191 Anton Metzler[15] 16,363 Robert Stewart 1,842

Obs.: "Blank and scattering" votes: 8,901 (Judge), 8,737 (Attorney), 6,632 (Governor)


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