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Whereas more traditional fine art depends on printed magazines the inherently dynamic nature of new media art has led to the development of online journals. Salient instances include:



e.journalA German language online journal that offers essays and theoretical contributions on the themes of new media culture and communication. It is also open to general artistic, literary and cultural expressions, intentions, insights and concepts.


MCD. MCD is a print and digital magazine in french and in english. He's actually the main new media art journals in France.


Netzpannung.orgis a German online journal and platform for media art that is also in English. It covers media art research, tele-lectures, and eculture. It is supported by the Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems, and its MARS exploratory media lab. The Internetplatform is online since September 2001. is a project by the Fraunhofer MARS - Exploratory Media Lab and was initiated by Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss. is an editorial module of the Internet platform. Special Journal on "Living in Mixed Realities" 2001: Fleischmann, Monika & Strauss, Wolfgang (eds.). Proceedings of »CAST01//Living in Mixed Realities« Intl. Conf. On Communication of Art, Science and Technology, Fraunhofer IMK 2001, 401. ISSN 1618–1379 (Print), ISSN 1618–1387 (Internet). Brochure by Monika Fleischmann on Media Art Education: Kunst und Musik. Neue Medien im Unterricht. Sankt Augustin. Fraunhofer IAIS 2005. pp. 12


Nerual. Neural is an Italian new media journal that is primarily in print form. But it has an online news column covering new media art as well as emusic and hacktivism.


a mínima a mínima is a printed magazine on present-day art and new media that documents the work of artists and researchers interested in the involvement of science and technology in art and culture (text in english /spanish).


Hidrazone, an academic, online journal for new media art research based at Southampton Solent University. According to its mission statement it 'provides a space for practitioners and writers in the field of digital and interactive arts' and 'seeks to encourage practical and theoretical research into a wide variety of digital art such as net art, interactive art, software art, digital painting, and computational video'. Its modus operandi is a use of theme-based editions.


Switch, the new media art journal of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. It has been published on the Web since 1995. SWITCH is interested in fostering a critical viewpoint on issues and developments in the multiple crossovers between art and technology.:Lovebytes. Sheffield-based experimental digital arts and media festival.
e-flux, less a journal than an information portal. Its 'about' informs us that is a New York-based information bureau dedicated to world wide distribution of information for contemporary visual arts institutions via the Internet. Established in January 1999.
media-N is the online, peer reviewed and invitational journal of College Arts Association New Media Caucus. It has been published since fall 2005. It is dedicated to publishing artworks, research reports and essays which will help the new media community define itself in academic and professional contexts.
Digitalartimag A online new media art journal only in english with some news and interviews.


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