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Newsted or referred to as some as "The Newsted" was an extremely popular hairstyle amongst middle and lower class Caucasian men in the 1990s.

How it started

The alpha of the Newsted's existence is slightly blotchy. Many hairstyles in the years before the birth of the "Newsted" were variations of the true form. One thing is well-documented, Filmmaker Patricio Bernard DeGouveia coined the term after discussing the look with a group of other people in Monroe County, New York sometime in the mid to late nineties. Apparently the group of people Mr. DeGouveia was conversing with were unfamiliar with any known name for this very popular hairstyle. Mr. DeGouveia had informed them that the hairstyle was referred to as Newsted in reference of former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted.

Jason Newsted was the first mainstream entertainer to have this, at the time being, unnamed hairstyle. Hence the "do" christened with his own name.

The Look

Often when people first glance at someone with a Newsted they just assume it's someone with long hair. While it may appear to be a head of long hair, the majority is actually buzzed or at times shaved to the scalp. The look is often referred to as the "shaved underneath" look. When all of the hair is shaved underneath the top and the latter part can be pulled far back enough for a substantial ponytail. Examples of this style is Jason Newsted in the "Nothing Else Matters" Metallica video from 1992. Actor Jason Mewes and Musician Mike Patton also wore this hairstyle through the 90's.

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