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Nganga is a Bantu term for herbalist or spiritual healer in many African societies and also in many societies of the African diaspora such as those in Haiti, Brazil and Cuba.

In Haiti, the term for voodoo high priest, Houngan, is derived from the word nganga.

In Cuba, the term nganga refers to a certain creation made with an iron pot into which several items are placed. It also refers to the spirit of the dead that resides there.

In South Africa, the nganga has a medicinal role in contrast to the sangoma, who deals with the spirits. In Swahili, mganga refers to a qualified physician or traditional healer.

In Seswto a South African language there are two terms to be noted. Nganga: A traditional healer that is also a spiritual healer accepted to be a link to the ancestor world where he/she gets a lot of guidance for the herbs to be used. In training a student {twazin} is tested for his accuracy of contact been confronted with situations unknown to him/her that he has to describe in full to them that know what the situation is and then add the treatment for it.

Mloy claim to be a Nganga but also practicing magic these are making the nganga image darker for the masses that do not know the implications of training and practice confuse all under one umbrella.

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