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Nick Massi (born Nicholas Macioci, September 19, 1927? - December 24, 2000) was the bass singer and bass guitarist for the Four Seasons. He was born in Newark, New Jersey. Some sources incorrectly give his birth year as 1935. He and fellow band member Tommy DeVito subtracted eight years from their true ages in order to make the Four Seasons more marketable to a younger fan base. He was also a Korean War veteran, which would cast further doubts on a 1935 birth year.

Massi had been playing with several bands before joining The Four Lovers in 1958. After the group evolved into the Four Seasons, they performed such hits as "Sherry," "Dawn (Go Away)," and "Rag Doll." He was responsible for most of the group's vocal arrangements. Massi left the Four Seasons in 1965 and was replaced temporarily by Charles Calello who in turn was replaced by Joe Long.

Music wasn't Nick's only talent. Some of his paintings can be viewed at He was also very talented at billiards.

He succumbed to cancer in 2000 at his home in West Orange, New Jersey. Unfortunately, Massi predeceased the long delayed recognition of the Four Seasons' legacy, as the phenomenal success of their musical biography on Broadway, Jersey Boys did not occur until November 6, 2005.

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