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Nick Savoy or Savoy is the pseudonym of Nicholas Benedict, an American businessman, author, and dating coach. He is the President and Program Leader of Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corporation) and author of Magic Bullets.[1]



Nick Savoy, Los Angeles, CA.

Nick Benedict was born in 1974 in St John's, Canada and he received his B.A. from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In 2003 as an honor student he completed an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.[2] Nick Savoy, as he is commonly referred to as, appeared in Neil Strauss' The New York Times best-selling book The Game that set his presence in the seduction community.[3][4] By his own admission, Nick Savoy was unsuccessful with women before he found the seduction community in 2003.[5] He moved to a new city for work after he broke up with his girlfriend. After trial and error he came up with a successful system for picking up women and he wanted to spread the word.[6][7] In August 2004, Nick Savoy and Mystery jointly formed Mystery Method Corporation where both Nick Savoy and Mystery were instructors.[3][8] In November 2004, Nick Savoy joined the company full time and they agreed on 50-50 profit sharing, and for all customers, intellectual capital, and assets to be owned jointly by them. The Mystery Method Corporation, now Love Systems, was the first company to have in field training where dating coaches (Mystery and Nick Savoy) train men how to attract and seduce women in bars and clubs.[9] Both men taught seminars for the company until late 2005, when disagreeing upon the ownership of "The Mystery Method Corporation" brought them to a lawsuit.[8][10]

In 2007, Savoy and Mystery were scheduled to appear together as dating coaches for the first season of the VH1 series "The Pickup Artist"[11] but due to professional differences between the two[8], Nick Savoy did not appear. He helped design and develop the series and is listed as a consultant to the show.

Nick Savoy is the co-author of the Love Systems Routines Manual and released in 2007 his first ebook Magic Bullets[1], a reference manual for men learning how to pick up women.[12] The book introduced the Emotional Progression Model in the seduction community[13].

Nick Savoy is President and Program Leader of Love Systems, formerly known as Mystery Method.[14] The teachings of Love Systems and its methodology are based on Nick Savoy's work and help of other Love Systems instructors. In the beginning of 2008, Nick Savoy was featured on a Fox News broadcast[15] and was interviewed for his method of teaching men a method of seduction. Fresno State professor and psychologist Mike Botwin concluded that the method of seduction based by Nick Savoy is based on biological and psychological mating principles.[15] Nick Savoy made an appearance on the TV show Dr. Phil episode “Women Beware” aired in April 2008.[16] He was interviewed by the host Dr. Phil on explaining the teachings of his company Love Systems and was applauded for teaching men how to seduce women with use of routines. Dr Phil critiqued the teachings of Nick Savoy and stated: "You are giving men the tools to meet women,"[16] In August 2008, Nick Savoy appeared on Spike TV providing dating advice for men.[17] On July 17, 2009, Nick Savoy appeared on The Tyra Banks Show with Nick Braddock on the episode titled "The Secret Code of Men".[6]

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is in a long-term relationship with fellow Love Systems instructor Fader.[2] Nick Savoy is primarily focused on building the Love Systems brand and its products. He has written in publications such as Girls Gone Wild Magazine, Maxim and FHM.[18][19]

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