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A Nickelodeon (movie theater) was an early 20th century form of small neighborhood movie theatre.

Nickelodeon may also refer to:

TV channel


  • Nickelodeon (album), a 1973 album by Hudson Ford
  • A player piano, or a cabinet containing an automatic record player where records are played by inserting a coin
  • An instrument invented and regularly used by the pop band Sailor



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From nickel, a five cent coin, and odeon, which is greek for a special type of building.




Nickelodeon (plural Nickelodeons)

  1. An American jukebox operated by nickels.

Simple English

File:Nickelodeon logo
LaunchedDecember 1, 1977
Owned byMTV Networks
CountryNationwide (with international versions in Canada, the U.K., the U.S., United Arab Emirates, Australia, CIS, Europe, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Latin America, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, France, Scandinavia, South East Asia, Sweden and Denmark)
Sister channel(s)Nicktoons, Nick Jr., TeenNick
WebsiteNickelodeon International Site

Nickelodeon is an Worldwide Cable television network. It is made for children. The network was started in 1977 as Pinwheel. During the late mornings and afternoons, Nickelodeon shows Nick Play Date. This is a group of learning programs and series for younger children. They are shown while the older children are in school. At night, the network shows Nick at Nite. Nick at Nite is a group of re-runs of older series that parents watched when they were younger.

Rugrats is the series which has been shown for the longest time on Nickelodeon. The series has been shown for thirteen years. It was the most popular show on the network until they started showing SpongeBob SquarePants. Rugrats has led to two spin-offs, All Grown Up! and Suzy and Angelica's Preschool Daze.

The network makes a magazine called Nickelodeon Magazine, which was last released on December 2009. It also has events and special programs every year, for example, the Kids Choice Awards.


Worldwide Spin-off networks


Some of the programs that have been shown on Nickelodeon include:

  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • All Grown Up
  • All That
  • Animorphs
  • As Told by Ginger
  • Beetlejuice
  • CatDog
  • Charlie Brown
  • Clarissa Explains It All
  • Count Duckula
  • Cousin Skeeter
  • Double Dare
  • Doug
  • Eureka's Castle
  • Gullah Gullah Island
  • Hey Arnold!
  • Hey Dude
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Two of the most popular series shown on Nick Jr. were:

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