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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Online games
Registration Preferred, but not required
Available language(s) English
Owner Nickelodeon
Created by Nickelodeon
Launched January 30, 2007[1][2]
Current status Closed

Nicktropolis (also known as Nicktrop or Ntrop) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is part of Construction of the game began in November 2004,[3] eventually being launched to the public on January 30, 2007.[1][2] Recently the game has shut down for an extreme makeover to the players avatar, stuff, and room. Before that, the game has grown in popularity, and now has over 8 million users.[4] The game has received positive ratings in terms of appropriateness for children, with mixed critical reviews.[5]

The game is divided into five main parts: TeeNick (containing rooms with TeeNick themes), Downtown (the main part of the game with stores, etc), The Pier (containing boardwalk-style games), and Nicktoons Boulevard (containing rooms with Nicktoons-related themes). The game also features advertising, both in banners above the game and a section within the game. This section is named "The Plaza" and has previously included advertisements for Betty Crocker products Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Gushers, Sega's iDog, the Nintendo Wii, and The Legendary Starfy, among others.

The game also uses its own currency, NickPoints. These are obtained by walking to floating "blobs" worth a set amount of NickPoints. NickPoints can be used to buy items (such as clothes and decorations for their rooms) in stores.



Construction of Nicktropolis began in November 2004, by Nickelodeon's developers Mark Zadroga, Alex Westerman, Christopher Romero, Deborah Levine, Patrick Dorey, Sean McEvoy, and Jason Root, using the TheoSDK and TheoAvatarSDK engines.[3][6] The game was launched in early 2006, and it had no advertising.

From August 18, 2006, to January 6, 2007, the game was closed to the general public. Prior to this release, almost 300,000 children had tested the game.[7] In March 2007, the game was remodeled and given a new logo. Next, on May 11, 2007, the home page was remodeled to fit in with's new look. On June 24, 2007, the game was featured in The New York Times, with a quote stating, "Pre-teenage viewers have a virtual playground to call their own." [8]

The Nicktropolis Newsletter was launched in September 2007, as an e-mail service to players. Also, advertising was added in November 2007 (see below). As of July 3, 2008, Nicktropolis had over 7,000,000 registered users.[9]

Beginning in July 2008, the developers introduced daily events on weekdays. On Mondays, a 10% sale happens in one of the stores. Tuesdays are trivia challenge day. On Wednesdays, a Movie Night Party is held at the Rec Center. A fashion parade is held on Thursdays, and on Fridays, a new treasure hunt begins.[10] Although it appears they are leaving those weekly events now, and beginning new events.

On August 5, 2008, the "Nicktropolis Blog" was introduced.[11] The blog posts are made using the message boards.

Nickelodeon has opened a new area to support The Big Green Help, the year long Nickelodeon green campaign.[12]

A Transformers game and area, based on the popular Hasbro toys, is now open. Teams compete for Nickpoints and prizes. Game players have to choose which team to join, evil decepticons or the noble autobots. These two opposing teams will battle for control of the elusive energon cubes.[13]


Release history

An alpha of the game was released in early 2006. Soon, the first beta was released in June 2006. Then, from August 18, 2006, to the second beta's release date on January 6, 2007, the game was closed. Eventually, on January 30, 2007, the game was released to the public.[14]

NickTropolis is now going though major changing and developing. Anyone that had an account, Nick Points, and a friends list, will all be deleted when NickTropolis is finished. With this new change, Nick is making better clothes, items, chat dictionary, and more to make the new NickTropolis better. They also are fixing any glitches before they release it to the public. Nick also hopes this will attract more viewers to their TV stations and their websites.

The new NickTropolis will be changed to The Club, and Nick Points will be changed to Club Points. The new Club Points will have the same value as the old Nick Point. The new NickTropolis is schedule to be released in the last week of March or the first week of April.


A screenshot of the game promotions seen for places in Nicktropolis while it is loading.

TEENick Point

TEENick Point is a group of zones based on TEENick shows on Nickelodeon. It consists of 2 zones, the Naked Brothers Band, consists of the Fuzzy Room, Apartment, and The Studio. In the "Fuzzy Room", players put up a disco ball and dance. In "Apartment" users can play the guitar, piano, and drums, though this feature is no longer on, plus the jukebox that was used to hear NBB music is shown, as "destroyed". They can also play the Naked Brothers game "In Girl Trouble"[15], and listen to full-length songs, though this can no longer be used, because the jukebox is shown as destroyed. In the "Studio" users can look at the band's instruments and make a mash-up, this feature is also lost.

In November 2008, an iCarly section was added with two parts of the webshow studio and Carly's apartment.And it now consists of the right loft, the left loft, and a studio room. There, you can play with things around you, and they animate and move, or make sounds.


The downtown area of Nicktropolis has 6 distinct areas. These are the Rec Center, the new Transformers multi-player game, Market Street, the newly added BigGreen Help Treasure Hunt, Metro Park, and the Trivia Challenge room.[15]

  • The Rec Center consists of 3 sub-sections (excluding the Kids Trivia Challenge): The Rec Center (inside), The Rec Center (outside), and the Lounge.
  • The BigGreen Help Treasure Hunt was an area where users can search for certain items to win a prize. It was later taken out of the game.
  • The Metro Park consists of 5 sub-sections: The Entrance, Movies in the Park (which showcases Iron Man: Armored Adventures), Sports Field, Duck Pond, and Garden.
  • The Trivia Challenge is a zone where users answer questions either sumbitted by other users or made by the Nicktropolis Development Team. It consists of 4 sub-sections: Trivia Challenge, Kids Trivia Challenge, Avatar Trivia Challenge and Nick Magazine Challenge. The Trivia Challenge has expanded to The Plaza, with The Goldfish Snack Crackers Trivia Challenge and The Transformers Trivia Challenge.

The Pier

The pier area contains only a few sub-sections open zone, the Slime Room,the Bumper Cars, the Midway One, Two, the Fortune Teller, the House of Horrors, the Pier entrance, and the Aquarium.[15] The Midways contain both in game casual game play and also more robust game overlays, though two games have been closed.It used to have to mirror room, a fun room with distorting mirrors and a trap door.

The Nicktropolis Space Center opened on June 28, 2007. It lets users go to Launch Site Alpha, the Alien Planet, the Space Station and the Station Air Locks. Also, users voted for the Space Center, over two other locations titled Prehistoric Nicktropolis and Nicktropolis Underground. Out of nearly one million votes in one week, 46% voted for the new space world.

During the winter of every year, the Winter Park is opened. The area, when up, consists of the Igloo, Ice Cave, Snow Fort, and Bumper Burgs.

Nicktoons Boulevard

The area is divided into 7 subsections, the first being the SpongeBob SquarePants area (Bikini Bottom) includes 7 rooms, which are the General Store, the Krusty Krab, The Reef, Conch Street, which is a portal to SpongeBob's house, Patrick's house, and Squidward's house.

  • Miracle City (taken from the TV series El Tigre) consists of 4 rooms: Leone, which is Manny's school, the Riveras' living room, the General Store, and Manny's Bedroom.
  • The Avatar Nations (as with the name, from Avatar: The Last Airbender) zone is rather large, consisting of 6 rooms. Those rooms are the Planetarium, Water Palace, Fire Tent, Air Temple, General Market, and Ba Sing Se.

But right now there is a major problem with buying the items there. All of the items show, but after you buy an item you've just wated a great sum of NickPoints. This a glitch that's being fixed. So don't buy anything there!

  • Retroville (from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) consists of 4 rooms: the Candy Bar, General Store, and Jimmy's Lab, outside and inside.
  • Pupununu Village's area (from Tak and the Power of Juju) is made up of Juju Bazaar, Jibula's Hut, Juju Temple, and the village itself. This section is also different, as the player picks a character, he does not create one himself. Also, this area does not have a General Store. This section is also the first to utilize the backpack tool, which is used by collecting items in the rooms, placing them in the backpack, mixing the items together to form spells, and then casting them.
  • The Barnyard's area (based on Back at the Barnyard) is made up of the Mill, Pig Pen, House of Humans, Back of the Barn, and the Feed Store.

Nicktoons Boulevard was moved to The Pier in August 2008.[16]

Market Street

The Market Street is located in DownTown Nicktropolis, and consists of 5 permanent stores, and occasionally 1 special store. Stores in italics are not available at this time.

  • Wild Walls and Floors is a store in which users can buy walls and floor for their Nicktropolis room.
  • Gadget Universe is a store in which users can buy gadgets for their nicktropolis rooms, most recently, a few old treasure prizes were added to the list of items
  • Decor Nation is a store in which users can buy all types of furniture and furnishings for their Nicktropolis rooms.
  • The Toy Store is a fairly new store in which users can buy toys for their Nicktropolis rooms.
  • Gamers HQ is a store in which Nicktropolis gaming fans can buy games for their Nicktropolis room.
  • The Outfitters is a store in which users can buy outfits for their characters, most recently added, old Newsletter outfits.

Kids' Choice Awards

This area, when up, consists of the Orange Carpet, Voting Room, Control Room, Backstage, Party Store and a Trivia Challenge. Users could vote on the Kids' Choice Awards within Nicktropolis, or on Voters cast 11 million votes for the award show in 2007; the most ever as of that time.[17]

The Plaza

The Plaza area of Nicktropolis contains only 4 sub-sections, The Transformers Online Game, The Lunchables Ultimate Summer Camp zone, The Goldfish Snack Crackers zone and the Nintendo World.

  • The Transformers Online Game consists of 2 sub-sections: Mission Control and The Transformers Trivia Challenge. Users could choose to side with either the Autobots or Decepticons and collect Energon Cubes to drop off at their base. If a user were to drop off enough Energon Cubes, the user would receive a piece of clothing for his/hers closet.
  • Goldfish Snack Crackers Zone consists of 5 sub-sections: Vacuum Escape, Goldfish Games, Goldfish Trivia Challenge, Video Mash-Up, and Goldfish Theater.
  • Lunchables Ultimate Summer Camp consists of 3 sub-sections: Orientation, Relay Race and Find-a-Word. Throughout Summer 2009, the "Color Wars" online game started. Users were able to choose between the "Famous Filmers", "Valient Volleyballers", "Bodacious Bikers", and "Super Skaters". The zone was down for judges to tally the scores, according to the Nicktropolis Developers Blog, but was put back up due to the scores being too close.


It was known that the game would have advertising by launch:

We don’t believe in having one huge portal. We just want there to be linkage among the sites and complementary experiences. That’s why we made sure users can access Nicktropolis through a stand-alone site as well as through In terms of advertising, there are many things that we can’t anticipate when it comes to how kids will use it. We want to see what happens and then take our cues from that, as opposed to imposing a structure on it for advertisers and users that might not make sense.

—Jason Root, vice president of, January 29, 2007[18]

Sponsored zones

There are currently two sponsored "zones": one for the 2009 film Hotel for Dogs, and another for the 2007 film Transformers.


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Type of site Online game
Owned by Nickelodeon
Created by Nickelodeon
Current status of siteopen

Nicktropolis is a virtual world made for children aged six to 14.


Building of Nicktropolis started in November 2004. It went into testing by late 2005, and was given out to members by January 6, 2007. The game opened to all people on January 30, 2007.

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