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Nicomedes III Euergetes (Ancient Greek: Νικομήδης Εὐεργέτης, Nikomḗdēs Euergétēs) was the king of Bithynia, from c. 127 BC to c. 94 BC. He was the son and successor of Nicomedes II.

He made himself for a time master of Paphlagonia, and in order to have a claim on Cappadocia married Laodice (the widow of Ariarathes VI), who had fled to him when Mithradates the Great endeavoured to annex the country.

When her two sons – Ariarathes VII and Ariarathes VIII – died, Nicomedes brought forward an impostor as a claimant to the throne; but the plot was detected. The Romans refused to recognize the claim, and required Nicomedes to give up all pretensions to Cappadocia and to abandon Paphlagonia.

This may be the Nicomedes referred to in 'Fortune's Favourite', & 'Caesar' (Rome series, author Colleen McCullough), see her bibliography for sources.

Preceded by
Nicomedes II
King of Bithynia
127 BC – 94 BC
Succeeded by
Nicomedes IV

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