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Nicomedes II Epiphanes (Νικομήδης Β' ὁ Ἐπιφανής) was the king of Bithynia from 149 to c. 127 BC. He was fourth in descent from Nicomedes I and was the son of Prusias II.

Silver coin depicting Nicomedes II

He was so popular with the people that his father sent him to Rome to limit his influence. However in Rome, he also gained favor from the Roman Senate, forcing Prusias to send an emissary with secret orders to assassinate him. But the emissary revealed the plot, and persuaded the prince to rebel against his father.

Supported by Attalus II, king of Pergamum, he was completely successful, and ordered his father to be put to death at Nicomedia. During his long reign Nicomedes adhered steadily to the Roman alliance, and assisted them against Aristonicus of Pergamum.

He was succeeded by his son.

Preceded by
Prusias II
King of Bithynia
149 BC – 127 BC
Succeeded by
Nicomedes III



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