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Nigel Mitchell
Born Nigel Stewert Mitchell
19 September 1978 (1978-09-19) (age 31)
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

Nigel Mitchell (born in Kingston upon Thames in Surrey on 19 September 1978) is a British television presenter who is most known for presenting Disney Channel and other television shows. Nigel is also known for his radio presenting.


Television career



Nigel started his TV career as a presenter on the kid's television station, Nickelodeon at the age of 15, being their youngest TV presenter in history.


Nigel left Nickelodeon to present 'Sticky' on ITV's CITV spot in the early evening. Sticky was a live magazine show produced by 70's TV legend Mick Robertson. The show was co-presented by Gail Porter & Jez Edwards.

Nigel later returned to ITV to present Mad for It and 'Twister' for children's television.

Disney Channel

Nigel went on to Disney Channel in 1997 to host studio Disney. Nigel's presenting style and popularity with the viewers led to him staying on screen until the closure of the show in 2005, making him Disney's longest ever serving TV presenter.

Whilst at Disney Nigel also hosted live award shows on a yearly basis, from the Royal Albert Hall and London Arena. This was part of the Disney Channel Kids Awards, which was an annual event, where child viewers would choose winners in an award ceremony. Nigel was a voice over for Disney Channel, whilst working on Disney Channel's "Studio Disney" and after the live presentation had ended. Many of the shows with Disney Channel ran from 4pm - 7pm, with longer Summer editions.

Studio Disney featured live games, and callers, and special guests, being one of my most popular live presentation shows for children in the United Kingdom. At the same time as presenting an afternoon presenting career, Nigel still managed to present a very early morning radio show during weekdays. After the closure, Nigel still continued to be a voice-over for The Disney Channel, until 2006. After a time change, Nigel would present an afternoon radio show, on the radio station Capital Disney.

Arsenal TV

Nigel works with Arsenal Football Club presenting selected programs on Arsenal TV, regularly interviewing the players for the show 'Spotlight.'

Film 24

Nigel is a regular presenter on Sky's Film 24 channel bringing advanced peeks at upcoming movies and interviewing the stars before the premieres. recent interviews include Kiefer Sutherland, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.

Radio Presenting

Information on the radio presenting Nigel has presented during his career.

Fox FM

Nigel recently did work for Fox FM and still does occasional shows on the station.

Capital Disney

Nigel started a radio show when Capital Disney launched in 2002. The show was a breakfast show. Later, this show was moved to a four hour Saturday show. Months later, the show was also live on Sunday mornings, becoming a weekend morning radio show, both of four hours. Producer, Andrew Rendle, nicknamed Radio Rendle, was part of the show every weekend. Months later, the weekend radio show was moved to a Friday afternoon slot which ran from four til seven.

Capital Disney ceased broadcasting during mid 2007 as The Walt Disney Company and Capital Radio wanted to work on different projects. The radio station continued one month after live radio shows ended.

Nigel during an on-air show at Capital Disney.

Kingston FM

At a young age, Nigel had a liking to radio presenting, being very lucky to receive a job presenting at Kingston FM.


Guinness Book of World Records

As part of Wish Upon A Star,another short programme for Disney Channel, Nigel Mitchell and Cial Turner travelled on six track rides at Port Aventura, Universal Studios, Barcelona, Spain covered a distance of 4,302.03m (14,114 ft 1.2 inches) in 46 minutes and 22 seconds. Still the world record, four years later.

Nigel also attempted a world record attempt for stacking pancakes at the Disney Channel studio.

Producer of Capital Disney radio show Andrew Rendle, nicknamed Radio Rendle or told on radio show that when he first met Nigel, Nigel wore cardigans and tank tops, and Nigel based his hair on Jason Donovan.

Known Catchphrases

  • "It's never monkey"
  • "Any ideas, any ideas? Any, any any ideas?"
  • "Where will it stop? - No one knows, when will it stop? - No-one knows"
  • "Hello My Friend"
  • "You Nutter"

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