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This is a list of James Bond characters from the 1983 film Never Say Never Again.


Characters, appearing in a Non-EON film, that have own articles

Fatima Blush

Fatima Blush
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation SPECTRE
Portrayed by Barbara Carrera

Fatima Blush is a fictional character from the 'unofficial' (non-EON Productions) James Bond film Never Say Never Again, released in 1983. The film is a remake of the 1965 Bond film, Thunderball, based on the same Ian Fleming novel. The character is roughly equivalent to that of Fiona Volpe, also a seductive but deadly SPECTRE agent who ends up making love to James Bond. Fatima Blush is portrayed in Never Say Never Again by Nicaraguan-American actress Barbara Carrera.

According to Robert Sellers book The Battle for Bond, Ian Fleming came up with the name of Fatima Blush in a memo dated 15th of June 1959. Fleming intended Fatima Blush to be a double agent sent to Nassau by M. Fleming wrote "Her appearance in tight-fitting black rubber suiting will make the audiences swoon".

Fatima Blush is SPECTRE Number 12, who has been assigned by Maximillian Largo (Number 1) to take "the most tender loving care" of Captain Jack Petachi, who is being groomed as part of their extortion plot. She disguises herself as a nurse at the Shrublands health clinic to train Jack — via heroin addiction — for his betrayal of the United States Air Force. An officer, he is to break in to the base computer system and make nuclear warheads available for SPECTRE to steal. After he completes this task (with the help of an eye surgically altered to match that of the US President for an ID scan), Blush murders him by throwing her pet snake into his car, causing it to crash; to cause more mayhem, she then blows it up (after she's rescued the snake).

A characteristic of Fatima is that she seeks to dominate and control all the men in her life. She particularly wants control over James Bond. Not long after their first meeting, she detonates a bomb in Bond's room; Bond only survives because he has decided to go to the room of another woman he was seducing. She also tries to kill Bond while scuba diving by placing a transmitter on him that attracts sharks. During their final encounter, she forces Bond at gunpoint ("Spread your legs… guess where you get the first one... ") to write a note affirming that she was the greatest lover he had ever had. The demand is prompted when Bond remarks that Fatima has a "hatred of men".

Bond's attempts to distract Blush with talk of another candidate for 'best ever', and then by remarking about how he is forbidden to give out 'endorsements', he then kills her by firing a miniature delayed-action rocket grenade into her abdomen from his gadget pen — leaving behind nothing but burnt high-heels. Blush has the distinction of being the first woman to be unambiguously killed face-to-face by James Bond in any Bond film. The death of Blush's counterpart, Fiona Volpe, in the original Thunderball is ambiguous as to whether Bond is directly responsible for her being shot; while the killing of 007's first definite female 'victim', Caroline Munro's murderous helicopter pilot in The Spy Who Loved Me, is done remotely.

Maximillian Largo

Maximillian Largo
Character from the James Bond franchise
Maximillian Largo by Klaus Maria Brandauer.jpg
Affiliation SPECTRE
Portrayed by Klaus Maria Brandauer

Maximillian Largo is the reimagined fictional character and the antagonist from the 1983 film, Never Say Never Again, which was a non-EON remake of the 1961 James Bond novel and subsequent 1965 film adaptation, Thunderball. In the 1961 novel and 1965 film the character was named Emilio Largo. Maximillian Largo, in Never Say Never Again, was played by Austrian actor Klaus Maria Brandauer.



Maximillian Largo is a well known millionaire and philanthropist, who secretly works for the evil organization SPECTRE. Largo is "No. 1" and head of its extortion operations, under the organization's leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, former "No. 1". It is mentioned that he was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1945, making him 38 when the events of the film take place.

Largo's two main headquarters are his yacht The Flying Saucer, which is the original translation of the name in the Thunderball novel, and a Moorish castle Palmyra (no relation to the Syrian city) located on the north coast of Africa.

He is mortally wounded after being crushed between the missile and the cave wall, and is finally killed by his mistress Domino, who shoots him in the side with a harpoon gun during an undersea cave fight over control of a nuclear weapon he intended to use to destroy the Middle East's underground oil reserves.


Largo's scheme in Never Say Never Again, is based on the same basic plot as Thunderball. It involved the theft of two nuclear warheads from radio-intercepted test cruise missiles surreptitiously armed with real warheads, launched from United States Air Force base in the UK during a joint NATO exercise. The missiles are ditched into the sea to be recovered and are then used to hold the world hostage by threatening to detonate the devices somewhere in the world — possibly under the White House—unless they paid the ransom of £100 million. Largo intends the threat to be a cover for his real plot to destroy the world's oil reserves in the Middle East. The basic nuclear ransom scheme has been used countless times since Thunderball and Never Say Never Again and is even a joke in the Austin Powers series.


Nigel Small-Fawcett

A bumbling Mi6 operative working in the Bahamas who clumsily meets Bond in Nassau. Played by British comedian Rowan Atkinson, who would later go on to star in the Bond spoof Johnny English.

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