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Night in the Ruts
Studio album by Aerosmith
Released November 1, 1979
Recorded Spring-Summer 1979
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal[1]
Length 35:41
Label Columbia
Producer Aerosmith
Professional reviews
Aerosmith chronology
Draw the Line
Night in the Ruts
Rock in a Hard Place
Singles from Night in the Ruts
  1. "Remember (Walking in the Sand)"
    Released: 1979
  2. "No Surprize"
    Released: 1979

Night in the Ruts is the sixth album by American rock band Aerosmith.

Joe Perry left the band midway through the recording of the album. The album was not produced by Jack Douglas who had produced Aerosmith's previous four albums. Instead, Columbia Records brought in Gary Lyons as a producer.

About halfway through the recording of the album, due to mounting debt and the need for the band to generate an income, the record label and management set Aerosmith out on another tour without extra time to finish the album, which pushed the album to being released later in the year. Joe Perry left the band mid-way through the tour, after a violent feud involving the band members and their wives. Prior to his departure, Perry had completed guitar parts for "No Surprize", "Chiquita", "Cheesecake", "Bone to Bone (Coney Island Whitefish Boy)", and "Three Mile Smile". The guitar parts for the remaining songs were recorded by Brad Whitford, Richie Supa, Neil Thompson, and Jimmy Crespo (who later became Perry's official replacement from 1979 to 1984).

Despite some critical acclaim and early success, the album quickly fell down the charts. The album has since achieved platinum status. Promo videos for "No Surprize" and "Chiquita" were filmed (featuring Perry's replacement Jimmy Crespo); however, these videos received little television airplay. "Chiquita" is available on the band's Video Scrapbook VHS and laserdisc release.

The title is an intentional spoonerism of the phrase "right in the nuts", which was subsequently the title of the tour, and was explicited shown on the back artwork for the album.


Track listing

Side one

# Title Music Length
1. "No Surprize"   Steven Tyler, Joe Perry 4:25
2. "Chiquita"   Tyler, Perry 4:24
3. "Remember (Walking in the Sand)"   Shadow Morton 4:03
4. "Cheese Cake"   Tyler, Perry 4:15

Side two

# Title Music Length
1. "Three Mile Smile"   Tyler, Perry 3:40
2. "Reefer Head Woman"   J. Bennett, Jazz Gillum, Lester Melrose 4:03
3. "Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)"   Tyler, Perry 2:58
4. "Think About It"   Keith Relf, Jimmy Page, Jim McCarty 3:31
5. "Mia"   Tyler 4:15


Additional personnel


  • Producers: Aerosmith, Gary Lyons
  • Executive producer: David Krebs
  • Engineer: Gary Lyons
  • Mastering: Vic Anesini, George Marino
  • Direction: David Krebs, Steve Leber
  • Creative supervision: Keith Garde
  • Art supervisor: Joel Zimmerman
  • Art direction: Kosh
  • Design: Kosh, Lisa Sparagano
  • Cover art concept: Styler
  • Photography: Jimmy Ienner, Jr., Jim Shea


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1979 The Billboard 200 14

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1979 "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" The Billboard Hot 100 67
1979 "No Surprize" The Billboard Hot 100 98


Organization Level Date
RIAA - USA Gold[2] March 13, 1980
RIAA - USA Platinum[2] October 28, 1994


  • The cover artwork for the album was originally supposed to be used for the "Chip Away the Stone" single, released in 1978.
  • "No Surprize" is a playable song in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.
  • Right in the Nuts was originally the working title to Aerosmith's second album Get Your Wings, as evidenced by Tyler's introduction to "Pandora's Box" from the bootleg Rattlesnake Shake
  • The song, "Mia" was written for Steven Tyler's daughter, Mia. However, during early sessions the song was also an acronym for Joe Perry's absence aka M.I.A. = Missing In Action.


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