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Nightmare City
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Produced by Diego Alchimede
Luis Méndez
Written by Antonio Cesare Corti
Luis María Delgado
Piero Regnoli
Starring Hugo Stiglitz
Laura Trotter
Mel Ferrer
Music by Stelvio Cipriani
Cinematography Hans Burman
Editing by Daniele Alabiso
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment (DVD)
Release date(s) Italy December 11, 1980
Running time 92 min
Country Italy
Language Italian/Spanish (English dub.)

Incubo Sulla Cittá Contaminata or City of the Walking Dead and Nightmare City, is a 1980 Italian zombie film directed by Umberto Lenzi.


TV news reporter Dean Miller waits at an unnamed European airport for the arrival of a scientist that he is about to interview. An unmarked military plane makes an emergency landing. The plane doors open and dozens of zombies burst out stabbing and shooting military waiting outside. Miller tries to let the people know of this event, but General Murchison of Civil Defense will not allow it. Miller tries to find his wife and escape from the blood-thirsty zombies that are all over the city.


  • Hugo Stiglitz as Dean Miller
  • Laura Trotter as Dr. Anna Miller
  • Maria Rosaria Omaggio as Sheila Holmes
  • Francisco Rabal as Major Warren Holmes
  • Sonia Viviani as Cindy
  • Eduardo Fajardo as Dr. Kramer
  • Stefania D'Amario as Jessica Murchison
  • Ugo Bologna as Mr. Desmond
  • Sara Franchetti as Liz
  • Manuel Zarzo as Colonel Donahue
  • Tom Felleghy as Lieutenant Reedman
  • Pierangelo Civera as Bob, Jessica's husband
  • Achille Belletti as Jim, hospital patient
  • Mel Ferrer as General Murchison
  • Jonathan T. Tran as Dr. Tran

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