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Nikolis Apostolis (Greek: Νικολής Αποστόλης) was a Greek naval commander during the Greek War of Independence. Apostolis was born on the island of Psara in 1770. He was initiated into the Filiki Eteria in 1818. When the revolt against the Ottoman Empire broke out in 1821, Apostolis commanded a squadron of some 20 ships and was successful in keeping the Ottoman navy bottled up in the Dardanelles, preventing them from supplying and reinforcing their army in the Peloponnese. Apostolis continued the struggle even after his native Psara was attacked and sacked by the Turks in 1824. He helped supply the army and people of Messolonghi by running through the Turkish blockade during the final siege of that city. He died in Aegina in 1827.



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