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Nils Allesson (lat. Nicolaus Allonius) was Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden, 1292-1305.

It is believed that he studied at the University of Paris in 1278. After returning to Sweden, he became deacon in Uppsala in 1286 and was elected Archbishop in 1292. At this time, the cathedral chapter in Uppsala was in a dispute with the Archbishop of Lund, Denmark, who had primate status over the archbishop of Uppsala. They did not approve of Nils Allesson and appealed the election to the Pope in Rome. The Pope did after a while accept Nils as archbishop, but explained that the primate status still was to be upheld. Nils travelled to Rome to get ordained in 1295.

He was known as a vigorous Archbishop. He founded and supervised institutions for safety and order, such as accommodations for travelers around his diocese.

In 1303, he participated in the first trial against the heretic Botulf Botulfsson. The same year, he opened the shrine of Eric the Saint and provided some relics to the duke Eric Magnusson, the son of King Magnus I of Sweden.

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