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The Ninja Assault Force is a three-man band from Ashley, Michigan.[1] The band consists of three members. Joseph Jordan who is refered to as "the drummer", Mitch Cordray who is known as "the guitarist", and Shelby Burgess, who is known as "the bassist". The three decided to start the "N.A.F." their senior year of high school in February 2010. It was orginally Shelby Burgess who came up with the idea of a ninja themed band, as he also came up with the name. Joseph and Mitch had played together previously. Burgess came into the picture when Mitch saw him play bass guitar. And so the three decided to form a band together.They have cited thier biggest influences to be; Jimi Hendrix[2], Nickelback[3], Metallica[4], Ozzy Osbourne[5], Mastadon[6], Megadeth[7], Pantera[8], Twisted Sister[9], Nirvana[10], Beastie Boys[11], Green Day[12], Bloodhound Gang[13], Weird Al Yankovic[14], Marilyn Manson[15], ZZ Top[16], Tenacious D[17], Avenged Sevenfold[18], and System of Down[19].

The band has been praised for bringing attention to thier small town. More and more people are visiting Ashley, Michigan because of thier "hype".

The three are working on thier first album that has yet to be named. In a worst case scenario, Joseph has stated, "We are prepared to start our own recording company, if no one realizes how much we have to give the world of music."
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