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The Ninth Chief Directorate (also nicknamed Devyatki (Russian: девятки)) of the KGB was the organization responsible for providing bodyguard services to the principal Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) leaders (and families) and major Soviet government facilities (including nuclear-weapons stocks). It operated the Moscow VIP subway system, and the secure government telephone system linking high-level government and CPSU officers.

No other KGB subdivision selected its candidates so thoroughly, which is not surprising: "The Ninth", which was required to guard "the objects of supreme state power" and, of course, its subjects, was rightfully nicknamed "the praetorian guard". Officers of "the Ninth," who, by nature of their duty, remained constantly in direct proximity to the political and state elite, were the repositories of such secrets that, should they decide to use them, the consequences for the regime might have been dire. Even this alone put the Ninth Directorate in a special position. In mid-1992 the KGB's Ninth Directorate, became the Main Guard Directorate (Glavnoye upravleniye okhraneniya, GUO) and in 1996 it was re-organized to the Federal Protective Service of Russia.


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