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Nishio Tadanao

In office
1713 – 1760
Preceded by Nishio Tadanari
Succeeded by Nishio Tadamitsu

Born 1689
Edo, Japan
Died April 25, 1760
Edo, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Nishio Tadanao (西尾忠尚 Nishio Tadanao ?) (1689-April 25, 1760) was a Japanse daimyo of the mid-Edo period who ruled the Yokosuka Domain. He was also a high official of the Tokugawa Shogunate, rising through the ranks first as sōshaban and jisha-bugyō, then to wakadoshiyori, and finally to the position of rōjū.


Tadanao was the fourth son of Nishio Tadanari. He was recognized as heir apparent in 1696, granted rank and title[1] in 1703, and granted family headship upon his father's retirement in 1713. In the same year, he received his father's former title, Iki no Kami.

Tadanao entered the service of the Tokugawa administration in the spring of 1732, with his appointment to the offices of sōshaban and jisha-bugyō. After two years in these positions, he was promoted to wakadoshiyori. In 1745, his court rank was raised to junior 4th, lower grade (ju shi i no ge 従四位下), and his domain increased by 5,000 koku to 30,000 koku. The following summer, he was made a rōjū, and served in the position until 1747.[2] His domains were further expanded by another 5,000 koku in 1749, bringing the Yokosuka domain to 35,000 koku in size.

Tadanao resumed his service as rōjū in 1751, but fell ill in the spring of 1760, while still serving as rōjū. He did not recover from his illness, and died at Tatsunokuchi, in Edo, a few days later. He was 72 years old.

His adopted son Tadamitsu succeeded him as lord of Yokosuka.

Tadanao, like his father Tadanari, is remembered as a patron of culture and the arts. The Enshu-Yokosuka San-Kumano Taisai festival, still held every year during a week in April, was started by Tadanao, who spent much time in Edo and wished to bring something of its culture to Yokosuka.

Preceded by
Nishio Tadanari
Daimyo of Yokosuka
Succeeded by
Nishio Tadamitsu


  1. ^ - Junior 5th court rank, lower grade (ju go i no ge 従五位下), and Harima no Kami 播磨守
  2. ^ Tadanao was also granted the additional title of jijū (侍従)




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