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The Nissan Saurus Jr. was first sold in 1991. It is a race car version of the Nissan Saurus.

The Saurus Jr. was designed by Nissan solely for the one-make series known as the Saurus Jr. Cup, which was held at the Tsukuba circuit. It was available as a kit (2.3 million yen) or a finished vehicle (2.7 million yen).



Available options for the Saurus were a mirror, and a rear spoiler.

Tyre and wheel specifications options were also optional.


The Saurus was powered by an SOHC 4 cylinder MA10E producing 70 ps @ 5600 RPM sending power to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The gearbox is a transaxle RS5F31V. Except a part, the almost basically same as a gearbox of March R.

As for suspension, it had front/rear wishbone suspension connected to 175/60R14 tires and a rack & pinion steering box.

Type chassis of upper and lower division into two form, semi- monocoque engine location, horizontal putting midship suspension, W Wishubormbraki FR/RR, and the disk steering wheel, and rack & pinion mission, five advancement velocities, and one retreat velocity final deceleration ratio and tanks total length/width/400 treads (mm) in total height (mm) and weight (kg) of 3200/1440/1090 vehicles, 1240/124 0 wheelbases (mm), and 2100 bodies, and. 4353 gasoline 5.5JJ×14 OFF SET30 PCD100 after 175/60R14 semi-racing radial wheel front/after safety tank 20L (central arrangement) engine type for race, array, number of cylinders, four water-cooled series cylinder max power, 70ps/5600rpm Ugoben system, SOHC 4 valve engine control and ECCS tire fronts.

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