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The Nitrospira are a family of bacteria, given their own phylum (Nitrospirae). The first member of this phylum was discovered in 1995 from a corroded iron pipe in a Moscow heating system. The bacteria was named Nitrospira moscoviensis and is a gram-negative nitrogen-oxidising organism with a helical to vibroid morphology 0.9-2.2 x 0.2-0.4 micrometres in size.[1]


  1. ^ Ehrich S, Behrens D, Lebedeva E, Ludwig W, Bock E (1995). "A new obligately chemolithoautotrophic, nitrite-oxidizing bacterium, Nitrospira moscoviensis sp. nov. and its phylogenetic relationship.". Arch Microbiol 164 (1): 16–23. doi:10.1007/BF02568729. PMID 7646315.  

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