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Noise Pop
Stylistic origins Alternative rock, Indie rock, Noise rock, Power pop
Cultural origins Mid-1980s United Kingdom
Typical instruments Standard Vocals-Drum kit - Electric guitar - Keyboard - Bass guitar - Synthesizer
Mainstream popularity Low, though Jesus and Mary Chain did achieve UK top 40 chart success in the mid 1980's.
Other topics
New Wave, Shoegazing, Dream pop

Noise pop is a term used to loosely describe a number of alternative rock bands that fuse punk rock's attitude and anger with the atonal noise, feedback, and free song structures of noise music, presented in a decidedly pop context. Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain, released in 1985, is often considered to be the album that defined and launched the genre.



Noise pop as a genre typically contains standard pop instrumentation; electric guitar, bass guitar, drumset, and occasionally keyboards; with a number of effects and methods often present in the songs, including fuzz, feedback, drones, and minimalism, which are usually not present in more mainstream forms of music. Song structures generally follow standard pop/rock formulae, and song lengths usually tend to be around 3 minutes; noise pop is therefore viewed as being more accessible than its cousin, noise rock. Despite the genre's arguable evolution from punk rock, where lyrics are typically spoken or shouted, most noise pop bands feature sung, melodic vocals, and harmonies are not altogether uncommon in the genre. Many artists enveloped in the shoegaze genre played noise pop as well and fused the two.


The Velvet Underground were a major influence on the genre, with their experiments with feedback and distortion on their early albums. Early noise pop bands included Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Yo La Tengo. The band most widely credited as being the first noise pop band was The Jesus and Mary Chain.[1]

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